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Metal Platform Beds vs Wood Platform Beds

Metal Platform Beds vs Wood Platform Beds

Platform beds are becoming increasingly popular with the a variety of bedroom designs that are in style these days. It is easy to match them with other pieces of furniture and they also make the room appear larger, which is perfect for rooms with limited space. Platform beds are usually made of either metal or wood. Let’s take a look at the differences so that you can pick the best choice for your bedroom.

Metal platform beds are usually made of steel or other types of metal. North American manufacturers usually use cold rolled steel for greater durability. It can come in a variety of colors and even in transparent finishes to give the room a more industrial feel. If you feel like changing the color scheme of your room, there’s no need to change beds. You can just repaint the bed to whatever color your new color scheme will be. The height of a metal platform bed can even be adjusted as it has different height settings for the platform. This makes it a smart choice for those who always want a different style in the room.

Wood platform beds are made from different kinds of wood including domestic hardwoods, softwoods, and import woods. Hardwoods include oak and maple and beds made of these kinds of wood usually come in a deep earth tone finish. Maple may be stained with a lighter color. Hardwoods can withstand greater tension and are very durable.

Softwoods include pine or aspen. They are softer than hardwoods and therefore have less tensile strength than hardwoods. Platform beds made of softwoods are less expensive than other beds. You have greater freedom to experiment with the kind of finish you want for these kinds of beds because they are usually left without a finish.

Imported wood platform beds are usually made of tropical hardwoods. Some of the imported woods can be more expensive due to limited quantity and the practices of harvesting the lumber. Most of the manufacturers usually practice sustainable harvesting to help maintain the lumber that they harvest.

Choosing from a metal or wood platform bed is not difficult if you know what you want from your bed. Both are durable and can last a long time. If you want a bed with deeper character, then you can opt for a wood bed with its unique grains and texture. If you want a more versatile choice, you can get a metal platform bed with its changeable color and platform height.

Platform beds are favored because of their clean and simple design which is a characteristic of modern furniture. Whichever kind of bed you choose, metal or wood, you are sure to have a smart purchase that is trendy and stylish. So start browsing and shop from the various kinds, designs, and styles and bring in the sleek charm of a platform bed to your home.

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