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Basic FREE* Shipping Anywhere in the US.

Sectional Sofas

Have you ever encountered a sitting problem when a lot of guests are invited to a family event or the unused corner space worries you? No one enjoys tripping over other people's feet, or squeezing through that tiny area between the wall and your furniture every time they move around the room. Well, we have just the right product to solve your problem. At Wholesale Furniture Brokers, we have a huge inventory of popular modern sectional sofas which you can buy online.

Sectionals are family oriented sofas which provide sufficient seating for the entire crew. They come in various shapes and sizes and fit perfectly in the corner. Broadly speaking sectional sofas are:

  • L-shaped: ideal for watching TV with the family.
  • U-shaped: Ideal for a group discussion or a meeting.
  • Curved: They have various applications depending on the requirement.
  • Symmetrical: Ideal for ample seating and square sized space.
  • Chaise: Ideal for long reclining chair lovers.
  • Reversible: Ideal for sitting and sleeping.

If you want to buy a leather sectional sofa online, please consider the size of your apartment or the living room where you want to place the sectional.

Here are some of the tips to follow to buy a perfect sectional sofa:

  1. Measure your space: The ideal way to measure your sofa space is measuring length, breadth, and height. You should keep distance between windows and the sectionals. It is highly recommended that you buy sectional sofa having a height greater than the windows sill.
  2. Outline the area: Tapping the space where the sofa will be placed, is a good way to visualize how the actual furniture will fit into space. You can use a temporary marker or paint to mark the area. If you have limited space, you can go for a small sectional sofa which is compact.
  3. Delivery time: Often people buy large leather sectionals for the living room but soon they regret their decision. The reason is they can’t find a way to place the furniture in the room. The size of the hallway and the areas where sofa will be carried is an important aspect to be taken into consideration. Avoid pre-assembled or stationary type of furniture if the entry space is small. Rather you should go for a sectional sofa which can be assembled at home.

Available colour options for sectional sofas:

  • Charcoal Grey
  • Slate black
  • Black leather
  • Red
  • Chocolate
  • Hazelnut
  • Sand

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