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Wholesale Furniture Brokers Offers Volume Discounts for Large Orders

Wholesale Furniture Brokers offers furniture solutions for establishments, interior design projects, and anyone else that needs to order a large volume of furniture.  You can easily qualify for a volume discount by emailing us at or call us and answering the following questions:

  • 1. What is your budget?
  • 2. When are you looking to receive your order by?
  • 3. Where does your order need to ship to?
  • 4. What type of delivery level is required?
  • 5. Have you received a quote from any other companies?
  • 6. What products (product names / listing IDs) are you interested in? (Include quantities and sizes of each product)


Gc Direct Design - Condo Development Project in Miami, FL

We were selected as a supplier for the Camillus House shelter.  The shelter provides care and affordable housing for homeless persons. The new Camillus House center project serves an estimated 4,000 people a year with programs such as on-site housing, counseling, and aftercare programs. “We’re honored to be one of their selected suppliers and look forward to making the project a success to serve Miami for years to come,” says Dave Zirnhelt, Wholesale Furniture Brokers’ CEO and President