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Book Shelves Add Style and Convenience to Any Room in Your Home

Whether you’re an avid reader who desperately needs a place to put your books or you simply want to display pictures, trophies, or knick-knacks a bookshelf is a great way to add additional storage space to any room.

Consider what your storage needs are before you start looking at your options. Glass shelves are generally less practical if you only intend to store books. However, they make great options for displaying valuable pieces. You can also achieve interesting lighting effects.

Simplistic storage shelves are best used for books, or media storage, particularly if your pieces are not uniform in size. These options usually come with adjustable shelves to ensure many sizes of books can be stored easily.

If you are storing expensive or rare books or valuables you may want to consider purchasing a bookcase that has doors, to protect from dust or other harmful allergens in the air.

Wall-mounted display shelves are the most useful when displaying pictures or trophies. You want to avoid heavy books on these shelves unless you have a full unit that is supported by the studs in your walls.

Choose from a variety of shelves in different styles, colors, and styles.