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Basic FREE* Shipping Anywhere in the US.


Sectional Sleeper Sofa


As the name suggests, sectional sleeper sofa performs a dual function. They provide a comfortable sitting space and can turn into a full-size bed for the healthy sleep. Not only they are stylish but also cost-effective at the same time. If you looking to buy a sectional sleeper sofa online then you are the right place. At Gowfb, we have a collection of high-quality apartment size sleeper sectionals which you can buy online and get free shipping at your doorstep. 

Before you make a purchase, you need to consider the following:

  1. Size: Sleeper sectionals come in a variety of sizes namely small, medium and large. Small sectional sofa works best for a compact size apartment where efficient space management is the topmost priority. At Gowfb, we have a bunch of small sectionals which provide ample space for guests as well as transform into bed according to needs. 
  2. Upholstery: Buying furniture is a long-term investment for home decor. We encourage our customers to research on the material used to protect the valuable furniture. To be very sure, we use high-quality Polyfiber Linen Fabric and interwoven threads in a soft yet durable upholstery for our sleeper sectionals.
  3. Shape: Shape really matters if you have small size apartment. Although sleeper sectionals come in L-shape, T-shape, and curved space. The options are practically endless. The best sectional sleeper sofa which we can offer is the adjustable modular sectional.
  4. Color options: We live an era of modern art. People tend to buy same color furniture that matches the walls or curtains. Well, we have taken care of every single requirement for you. Our online store has white, red, and grey sectionals which will enhance the beauty of your living space.
  5. Included Accessories: Since you are going to purchase a sectional as well as bed in a single unit, you can expect some sleeping accessories with it. If you buy a sectional sleeper sofa from us, you are going to get accent pillows for free. There is no online store which provides this deal to customers.

Some assembly could be required to transform sofa into a bed. Take a look.