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How to Take Care of Your Recliner

How to Take Care of Your Recliner

Buying the ultimate recliner is definitely one of the better furniture acquisition decisions you have made. Being able to enjoy its comforts any time of the day is something you can look forward to when you're stressed and your muscles are screaming for a bit of relaxation. There are many recliner designs to choose from. Some of them even have additional gliding, rocking, or swiveling features.

To be able to ensure that you get to take pleasure in moments of leisure for many years, you need to make sure you know how to properly take care of and maintain your recliner. Read on to know the different things you can do to ensure that you'll have a piece of heaven waiting for you right in your living room for a good number of years.

For leather recliners, do not let them be exposed to direct sunlight as this will cause them to fade and may even cause splitting or cracking. Your recliner chair may look like it's been around for at least 30 years after a short period of being exposed to the sun. For the amount of money you paid for it, you might as well make sure you can make it last.

Wipe off dust or use a vacuum. If you spilled something on the recliner, soak it up immediately with a cloth. If you have to, use leather conditioning to maintain its sheen. Read the recliner's care instructions first before you apply any conditioning or cleaning substance as some can be harmful to the leather. It is best to go with the manufacturer's recommendation for cleaning substances so that you won't unknowingly cause any damage. If you're not sure whether a certain cleaning substance is safe to use, try using it on a hidden area of the recliner first.

Microfiber recliners are easy enough to clean and maintain. The material repels water so if you spill something, just wipe it off with cloth. However, there are different types of microfiber so check the label to find out what cleaning products you can use. There are water-based and solvent-based products available. Some microfiber recliners can be cleaned with either one while others can only be cleaned with just water or solvent-based cleaning products. If you used a damp cloth to wipe the recliner and it left watermarks, use a solvent-based product to clean it off.

A recliner's reclining mechanism should be regularly oiled to make sure it keeps on working smoothly. Get information from the piece's manufacturer as to the regularity of oiling the mechanism, its bolts, and even its steel frame. Don't wait until you start hearing creaking noises before you oil your chair's reclining mechanism. Without it, your recliner is just another comfortable chair.

For a recliner with a wood finish, wax or polish the surface. If you want to wipe it with cloth, dampen the cloth first with a spray product so the cloth won't leave telltale scratch marks on the wood surface. Use mild soap and water if you want to clean a little more thoroughly. If you’re not sure as to whether the soap-and-water solution will be good for the wooden surface, test it first on an out-of-sight area. When you wipe with the solution, dry the surface then buff it gently.

You can also use slip covers to protect your recliners from dust and damage. You can just slip them off to have them cleaned, then put on a new slip cover. Have different designs available so you can change the look of your recliner without having to buy a new one every time.

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