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Accent Tables Style Guide

Accent Tables Style Guide

Accent tables come in different styles, depending on its use. If you've decided that accent tables would complete your home furnishings, check out the accent table styles available so that you can make the proper choices according to your needs. Knowing what you're looking for will make your shopping experience easier and less stressful.

There are four styles of accent tables available: end tables, console or sofa tables, side tables, and coffee or cocktail tables.

End Tables: - End tables are small tables usually placed beside chairs or on either side of the couch or sofa. You can put various decorative pieces on the end table, though they are usually used to place lamps on. If you've got awkward spaces in your living room or if that arm chair in front of your TV looks conspicuously lonesome, an end table would be a wise purchase. They are available in different styles so whatever home theme you're going for, you'll be able to find a piece that matches your other furnishings.

Console or Sofa Tables: - This style of accent table can be used to put decorative items and accessories on. It can also be used to put lamps on to provide additional lighting in dark areas. It can be placed in any room or in hallways and entryways. The console table can be useful in entryways as you can put things on it so you won't forget them when you go out. It may only have two legs and has to be placed against a wall. The sofa table is placed in front or at the back of the sofa.

Side Tables: - Side tables are tables that are meant to be placed against a wall, apart from the main table in the room. It can be used as a work table where you can write or do stuff on or you can use it to put ornaments or other decorative pieces on. Since it is placed against the wall, you can even put a chair with it and use the table as a desk.

Coffee or Cocktail Tables: - Coffee or cocktail tables are low tables which can be used to put drinks and other small items on. They are usually positioned at the center of a living room set. A coffee or cocktail table can also have storage shelves underneath to store magazines and other things in. Because this style of accent table has been around since the Victorian era, you can find antique coffee tables in the market.
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