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patio furniture

The patio season has arrived in the United States and we are excited to showcase you a large inventory of outdoor patio furniture and related accessories at wholesale price. Not only that we are also offering free shipping anywhere in the United States if you order online. Wholesale Furniture is known for providing high-quality modern furniture at the cheapest price in the market. Our patio furniture is also featured on Walmart, Woodard, JYSK, Overstock, Wicker, Costco, Lowes, Biglots, and Kmart. If you are looking to buy outdoor sectionals, daybeds, outdoor dining sets then this is your best bet. If you are searching for the best patio furniture America has ever produced, look no further. When you opt for Cieux luxury outdoor furniture, you can rest assured that you are getting authenticity, excellence, and timeless beauty.

How to Select Patio Furniture for Home? 

Before you begin selecting your patio furniture this summer, there are a few basic things to consider when it comes to space, practicality, and budgeting. Make sure you are aware of the dimensions of your deck, so you can find pieces that fit.

  • For smaller spaces, only the essentials are needed, whereas a more spacious porch can accommodate multiple pieces and accessories.
  • It is also important to have some idea of who will be using the outdoor furniture - small family use, or frequent entertaining? 
  • Does the area provide some protection from the elements - such as a covered sundeck or sunroom, or will the patio furniture receive full exposure? 
  • Lastly, you need to think about moving and storing your outdoor furniture when it is not in use. 

All these things need to be factored into your planning and budgeting and are great places to start to help focus your shopping. If you need help choosing the pieces that are right for you or have any questions about our products, call us toll-free to connect with one of our personal shopping assistants right away. Order from our online catalog today and enjoy our great sales and discounts, as well as free shipping to your home.

Patio Furniture Catalog

1. Patio Sectionals

outdoor sectional

At Wholesale Furniture Brokers, our goal is to provide our customers the best assortment of quality outdoor modern patio furniture including curved sectional sofas, half round sectional sofas, corner sectional sofas, L-shaped sectional sofas, U-shaped patio sectionals, outdoor sofa sets and more for your patio, deck or backyard oasis.  Outdoor sectionals have quickly increased in popularity especially when they are modular in nature as this gives the owner the ability to use their patio set in any number of ways.  If your backyard changes or you move you will be able to change your corner patio sectional into a U-shaped sectional or outdoor sofa set or use the modular patio pieces individually to create a custom patio configuration.

2. Patio Conversation Sets

patio conversation set

Cieux conversation sets come in three variations. They are a perfect setting to enjoy your morning coffee or evening wine, and each of them will make you fall in love with their romantic and chic style and make your balcony or patio your new favorite place.

The Provence Spectrum Mist Conversation Sofa Set features soft blues accented with striped pillows and is made of 2 club chairs, a left armchair and a right armchair which can be together or used separately, a smaller table that doubles as an ottoman. The set comes equipped with 4 seat and back pillows, an ottoman pillow, as well as 4 throw pillows.

The Paris Spectrum Mushroom Conversation Sofa Set features earthen tones accented with solid colored pillows. This set is made of a loveseat, 2 club chairs, and comes with 4 seat cushions, 4 back cushions, and 4 throw pillows. This set also has a larger glass-top coffee table.

Another set from the Conversation Collection is the Provence Spectrum Mist Sofa, Loveseat and Chair Set, which give you ample room for rest and relaxation. The set is made of 2 left armchairs, 2 right armchairs, one armless chair and 1 club chair.

The sets are highly customizable and made of premium flat resin wicker in a rich, dark chocolate finish that looks good in any place you choose to put it. Each piece of this set is carefully and delicately hand woven onto a durable powder-coated aluminum frame.

All three sets come with back cushions, plush seat cushions and throw cushions. The cushions are upholstered with Sunbrella fabric, which is weather resistant and very durable, so you don’t have to worry about mildew, water, stains or sun damage. The fabric is UV resistant, water repellent, and stain resistant.

3. Outdoor Patio Sofas

outdoor patio sofa

Outdoor patio sofas are great for outdoor sitting. We are offering round, L-shaped, and convertible sofas. They come with high style and affordable price options. If you have a limited space in your backyard, we also offer small outdoor sofas which can easily fit in small spaces. The sofas are carefully crafted with premium quality flat resin wicker in a dark chocolate finish, and hand-woven onto a sturdy powder-coated aluminum frame. Each cushion is upholstered in a top of the line Sunbrella fabric which is a high-end outdoor performance fabric and protects against mildew, stains and is also water repellent. 


4. Daybeds

daybedBest Patio Furniture is incomplete without a daybed. One of the best parts of having a daybed in your home is that it can be used for tons of different purposes. Is it a reading nook? Your favorite place to take a nap? Or maybe it's the ideal place to daydream and brainstorm. Whatever you use your daybed for, we know it can be a special spot. A daybed is such a dynamic piece of furniture, and it reflects your personality, which can help you relax, focus, and even be yourself. Everyone has a unique style, and we know no two daybeds are the same. Lay back and relax atop the plush round mattress cushion with three pillows, all beautifully upholstered in coastal Spectrum Mist Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella is a leading brand in high-end outdoor performance fabrics and is designed to be mildew and stain resistant, water repellent, and UV resistant to ensure lasting softness and brightness.

5. Patio Dining Sets

patio dining set

Dining outside, especially during warm spring and summer months has a special feel to it. Enjoy your next meal with a side of fresh air while sitting at your new CIEUX Dining Table Set. Our sets feature weathered style teak tables and wicker teak wood dining chairs that complement them perfectly. You can’t go wrong with choosing this ageless style.

When choosing from our collection, think about what you would like to do and where you would put your set. Do you have a small outdoor area or a large one? Do you often entertain larger groups of friends or family, or do you prefer smaller gatherings? Choose the right side of the table, whether you prefer a smaller, cozy option, or a large dining set that will easily seat family and friends. The CIEUX dining sets are a perfect choice for enjoying family dinners, hosting friend gatherings, or enjoying quiet evenings to wind down from the day.

All the sets come with gorgeous weathered teak tables. The size of the table is enough to easily seat up to six people, and more: 63.5"W x 35.4" D x 29.5"H. The table is made of solid wood and features a simple and elegant design. The center of the table has a hole designated for an umbrella, so you will not have to worry about the summer sun rays. When you are not using one, you can simply close the hole with a cap that fits in snuggly and leaves a flawlessly smooth surface.

The table surface is paneled and has a splendid weathered style finish, which blends in anywhere perfectly. In addition to this, the table is treated so it can withstand anything the outdoors might have in store. When you purchase this table (whether separately or as part of the set), you can be sure that you are getting a piece of very durable and long-lasting patio furniture.

The weathered teak table can be complemented by four to six dining chairs. The solid teak wood chair legs match the table perfectly. The chairs are woven with either a premium resin flat wicker in a rich chocolate finish or half-round wicker that features an interlacing greys finish. Both types of the chair are also made with durability in mind and are woven onto a powder-coated lightweight aluminum frame.

The Champagne Weathered Teak Table with Wicker Chairs Sets come with complementary seat cushions for each chair. The cushions are made from durable outdoor performance fabric Sunbrella and come in Spectrum Mushroom design. They are resistant to mildew, water, and UV rays, and will stay rich in color and look like new for a long time.

6. Patio Umbrella

patio umbrella

On our list of patio furniture is a patio umbrella. When the urge to sit back and relax hits you and you just need a little shade while you enjoy a book and a glass of Merlot, that's when the Umbrella becomes your best friend. Enjoy the sunny summer days, but keep in mind that everything is better in moderation. Each offset umbrella is made with a sturdy metal frame and high-end outdoor performance fabric which is mildew and stain resistant, water repellent, and UV resistant to ensure the colors remain bright. All materials can be easily cleaned using warm water and mild soap for low-maintenance care and lasting durability. Included with the umbrella is a solid marble base for stability and smooth gliding wheels which provide easy mobility. 

7. Patio Furniture Covers

patio furniture covers

Buying a patio furniture is a great investment and therefore in order to ensure its safety, you should definitely invest a little more in patio covers. Wholesale Furniture Brokers offers a wide range of patio furniture covers which protects your precious piece of furniture from ultraviolet sun rays and other harsh weather conditions. Available in different color options, these patio covers come at cheap price along with your order. 

Patio Furniture Sale

Take advantage of our patio furniture sale which starts this year. This patio furniture clearance sale will run till fall 2019. Anyone who is interested in our patio sale can register online with a valid email address. The customer will receive a coupon code which can be used for an extra discount on any patio furniture. We highly encourage every proud American to take part in our patio for sale event which will be posted shortly. The sale coupons are valid in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Fransisco, Fresno, Long Beach, Sacramento, Oakland, Santa Ana, Orlando, Anaheim, Tampa Bay, Miami, and Naples, Destin, Jacksonville, Pensacola, Clearwater, Coral Springs, Coral Gables, Doral and entire Florida state.