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Wholesale Furniture Brokers Newsletter Improvements

Storage Platform Bed was recently mentioned in an article in "Web Marketing Today", a weekly internet-based news report. This article was distributed to 96,994 individuals nationwide and focused on's growth and ways to improve our newsletter subscription rate.

Since it's inception, our monthly newsletter has promoted our online furniture stores, offered special pricing to subscribers and updated our customers on new product offerings and availability on furniture like modern dining room furniture, living room, and storage beds. These subscribers are looking at your web pages frequently and want to be kept up to date with any events or new information your location has to offer.

Not only did it introduce an additional 96,994 people to Wholesale Furniture Brokers, the article was indeed able to offer us information on improving our subscription rate. Customers who are subscribed to our newsletter will return to your website pages again and again, looking forward to fresh products and new information.

To view our updated subscription process, feel free to sign up(if you already haven't) on our Newsletter page.