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Wholesale Furniture Brokers' average conversion rate increased by 58% in one month compared to the monthly average in 2009 on after Wholesale Furniture Brokers launched a redesigned website in late January. The overall visual enhancement and improved navigation made a major impact which lead to an increased conversion rate and sales.

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Wholesale Furniture Brokers reports that the redesigned website has achieved a 58% increase in its conversion rate in the first month since the redesigned website was launched in January 2010 compared to the monthly average in 2009.

The create account page was an area that showed noticeable improvement. 23.8% more customers created a new account on one month after the launch of the redesigned website compared to the average in 2009.

When asked why they decided to redesign the website, Matt Holmes, Wholesale Furniture Brokers' Marketing Manager has this to say, "Comparing our websites to others in the furniture ecommerce market, was easy to navigate, yet like many others, it was visually unappealing." He adds further, "We wanted our website to be an industry leader and comparable with websites from major name brands. We thought giving our website an updated look would also make a major impact on sales since we are showing customers that we are up to date with our technology. The results prove that we were right."

Wholesale Furniture Brokers plans to redesign its Canadian version of the website in the near future to further increase its market share in the Canadian furniture industry.

Holmes says, "Although it took almost 9 months to complete the redesigned website, the outcome in terms of increased conversion rate and sales compensates for the time. We are going to continue to add more to the redesigned layout of the website to improve navigation and usability in order to give our customers a world class shopping experience they won't forget."

The redesign of was outsourced to an undisclosed agency. Wholesale Furniture Brokers estimates the redesign cost over $20,000 including testing.

Shortly after launching the redesigned site, Wholesale Furniture Brokers made another major strategic move; free shipping on all items. "It's congruent with our goal of making the shopping experience simpler and easier for our customers," explains Holmes.

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