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Announcing a new distribution network of warehouse furniture outlets for website Wholesale Furniture Brokers. This is a new concept for independently owned furniture outlets and a notable convenience for online shoppers.

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Wholesale Furniture Brokers has signed agreements to partner with 24 warehouse furniture outlets across the US as of December 5, 2003. The partnership formed between the 24 warehouse outlets and Wholesale Furniture Brokers creates a physical distribution channel for the website. Customers win because they can shop and research online and get the benefit of internet worthy pricing while enjoying the convenience of local service. The localized warehouse outlets position themselves as a lower priced alternative to retailers for high quality bedroom furniture, beds with drawers, leather sofas, and modern dining room furniture. Privately held Wholesale Furniture Brokers directs shoppers to local 'brokers' and delivers online orders through these brick and mortar counterparts.

Sergei Tashlikowich, co-founder of Wholesale Furniture Brokers, explains, "Through our test marketing we have discovered that a growing number of people shop for, and buy, furniture online, but the majority of browsers prefer to deal with a local business on such major purchases." The network of 'brokers' will be able to service those prospective customers who like to research purchases online but ultimately prefer the personal interaction that can only be found at a physical location.

Shipping damages are another major issue online furniture sellers face. Costs of shipping can also erode already slim margins. Wholesale Furniture Brokers has tackled this issue by shipping direct from manufacturers' warehouses to their affiliated local warehouses. Effectively, this reduces both the cost of shipping and the risk of damages.

The exposure for small businesses that have to compete with major national brand name retailers is a refreshing opportunity. Warehouse outlet owner Bryce Ball of Orange County corresponds that, "the website generates leads and sales that otherwise would never have known about us." Wholesale Furniture Brokers is designed specifically to compliment the emerging warehouse outlets. Local brokers carry select inventory at real discounts and the website provides an extensive catalog of additional products, like contemporary platform beds by Lifestyle Solutions, that they can order for their customers at similar discounts.

The role of Wholesale Furniture Brokers is more than just a website. Sergei Tashlikowich articulates, "We want to assume the online marketing functions of our brokers and create brand recognition that would be extremely difficult on an individual basis." In the future Wholesale Furniture Brokers plans to offer value added services such as financing options, product and consumer research, and customer retention programs.

Sequestra Solutions ( is Wholesale Furniture Brokers's technology partner and has developed the web-based database infrastructure that is the heart of the website. Java/XML based software offers the scalability and security necessary, regardless of the amount of traffic or users on the system. The site is built to keep up with the growth the website is experiencing.

Wholesale Furniture Brokers is a private company based in Canada that represents the online marketing for warehouse furniture outlets. Using the Wholesale Furniture Brokers website, online advertising, and an eBay strategy, WFB produces profitable leads and sales for affiliate broker locations. The warehouse outlets are not fancy and customers know that they pay for the value of the products themselves, as opposed to expensive merchandising. Additionally, the customer has someone in their local community to deal with, and many people appreciate that.

Partner American furniture warehouse brokers are located in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Carlsbad, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Connecticut, Dallas / Ft. Worth, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Lubbock, Memphis, Miami / Ft. Lauderdale, Minneapolis / St. Paul, Philadelphia, Portland, Phoenix, Richmond, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco / Oakland, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Seattle / Tacoma, Ventura County, and Washington, DC.
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