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Wholesale Furniture Brokers' long term marketing strategy is to brand itself as the largest furniture shopping destination online. As the next step to achieving the goal, Wholesale Furniture Brokers has signed a deal with Snap Up Real Estate to acquire site-wide furniture ads on the Canadian real estate and USA real estate websites to increase branding, educate potential online shoppers, and target new home buyers.

Wholesale Furniture Brokers has acquired significant mindshare on Snap Up Real Estate by purchasing site-wide display ads on the Canadian and USA real estate websites. "There are limited options for advertising to Canadians online, and Snap Up offers an affordable medium to reach buyers during their decision making process," says Matt Holmes, Marketing Manager of Wholesale Furniture Brokers. "As part of our long term marketing strategy, we want to brand Wholesale Furniture Brokers as the largest furniture shopping destination giving online shoppers a safe and viable option. There are still many potential shoppers that might not know they can easily buy furniture like platform beds and recliners online." The ads for Wholesale Furniture Brokers will help build brand recognition in Canada and the USA as they are viewed when buyers and sellers are adding or browsing real estate listings. The ads on Snap Up Real Estate can have more of a direct response compared to radio, television, and newspaper ads since people can actually click on them to connect with Wholesale Furniture Brokers online store. "Wholesale Furniture Brokers is a complimentary product, and they will benefit by building their brand with new home owners," says Bart Zirnhelt when asked why Snap Up Real Estate presented Wholesale Furniture Brokers with site-wide advertising. "It is a challenge to reach new home owners with advertising while they are transitioning between homes, and Wholesale Furniture Brokers will be able to reach them before their move so they can be top of mind with new home owners. Since we have Canadian and USA websites, Wholesale Furniture Brokers makes an ideal company to add site-wide ads. They serve both markets with two distinct furniture shopping websites."

The current state of the economy is affecting markets around the world. Businesses are cutting back on expenses and consumers are cutting back on buying. Companies need to start looking toward better marketing solutions to get the best value for the money they spend. "The economy is posing a challenge for businesses, investors, and families alike," says Bart Zirnhelt, Owner of Snap Up Real Estate, when asked what his opinion was on the effect of the economy. "Snap Up will hopefully see more advertisers looking to get a better value for their advertising dollar and more listings from both private sellers and Realtors who are looking to get the additional exposure that may be required to sell homes during the economic recovery." Snap Up Real Estate is used by buyers and sellers of real estate in Canada and the USA including individuals, Realtors, and investors.

Snap Up Real Estate offers free property listings on the websites that can be searched with a variety of user-friendly options. Since real estate listings are indexed in all major search engines (such as,, and, they can also be found directly by buyers and sellers searching on the search engines. Private sellers and real estate agents are allowed to list their properties for free. Sellers can pay an extra fee to have their listings featured for additional exposure. Snap Up Real Estate brings a consistent flow of traffic to the websites with high rankings in the search engines. When sellers list their Kamloops real estate or Vancouver real estate, their listings appear on the Kamloops or Vancouver pages respectively. When people search for Kamloops real estate or Vancouver real estate on search engines, they will be able to find the new listings.

Snap Up Real Estate started in 2006 when the real estate boom in Canada was getting a lot of hype and the homes were selling easily. Many home owners decided to sell privately as opposed to listing with an agent. From the start, Snap Up Real Estate has been offering home owners affordable marketing solutions. Future plans for Snap Up Real Estate includes more global real estate websites and refining the usability of the current websites to enhance communication between buyers and sellers.

About Snap Up Real Estate
Snap Up Real Estate offers free real estate listings for sellers on Canadian and USA websites and affordable advertising solutions for online companies. Advertising costs are listed on the Snap Up Real Estate websites.

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