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Wholesale Furniture Brokers has added seven new memory foam mattresses from Primo International to give customers value priced foam mattresses for their guest and master bedrooms. Online shoppers who are looking for the next generation of Primo International mattresses can order them online at the Wholesale Furniture Brokers' USA and Canada websites.

Pillow Top Mattress

Primo International is one of the leading Canadian importers of leather and fabric living room sets, mattresses, dining sets, and kids bedroom furniture from suppliers across Asia. They are dedicated to providing superior customer service and high quality standards with their entire value priced product collection. Their international quality management systems are ISO 9001:2000 certified. The certification lets customers that order their products at Wholesale Furniture Brokers know they follow standardized requirements for a high quality management system for producing, packaging, and shipping. These requirements were developed by an international committee to establish good quality management systems. "We are a family that shares a vision. Every day, we work together to realize that vision. When you do that, you are a strong company," says Hyman Itzkovitz, Founder of Primo International when asked what makes Primo International successful. All Primo International products can be ordered from Wholesale Furniture Brokers' USA and Canada websites.

Four new memory foam mattresses from Primo International have been added to the Wholesale Furniture Brokers' USA website. The mattresses are designed to react to body heat and reduce pressure points while sleeping. Each mattress is designed using multiple memory foam layers with varying density and an improved quilted cover that will not bunch up or become loose. Three similarly designed memory foam mattresses have been added to the Wholesale Furniture Brokers' Canada website. "The new memory foam mattresses are definitely an improvement. The 8 inch memory foam mattress retails for $399 and includes free shipping. I expect these mattresses to quickly become best sellers," says Matt Holmes, Marketing Manager of Wholesale Furniture Brokers when asked how the new mattresses are expected to perform on the websites. "We have added them as options on our platform bed product listings to help our customers order them with a bedroom set easier."

More new home furniture that is available in all Primo International warehouses is planned on being added to the Wholesale Furniture Brokers' websites. This includes new contemporary and formal dining room sets, sofas that convert from a sofa into a bed, leather and fabric sectional sofas, and bunk beds. The dining sets are crafted with rubber wood, solid wood, veneers, glass, and metal. The sofas and sectionals are designed with various materials including sinuous spring systems, eight way hand tied springs, solid wood legs, hardwood frames, foam padding, and leather match, full leather, and microfiber upholstery. The bunk beds are made with durable metal and wood frames. New products are regularly being developed by Primo International and featured at every Las Vegas and High Point Market furniture show.

Primo International is a certified Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT) member to help speed up their product importing and improve lead times for online shoppers at Wholesale Furniture Brokers. C-TPAT is a volunteer program designed by the USA Customs and Boarder Protection (CBP) to improve the security of private companies' supply chains against terrorism.

Four warehouses are used to stock and distribute products in Columbus, OH, Los Angeles, CA, and Tampa, FL in the USA and Montreal, QC in Canada. Primo International owns and operates a 500,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility in Montreal, QC. The warehouses in the USA are independently owned. Primo International regularly stocks their best selling products in each of the warehouses. "With Primo International's high quality standards and regularly stocked inventory, we can let our customers know that they can expect their furniture to ship from the warehouse in seven to ten days," says Holmes when asked how long it usually takes Primo International orders to ships.

All Primo International products include a one year limited warranty. Leather upholstered sofa sets and sectionals and mattresses have additional warranties to help protect online shoppers from manufacturing defects.

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