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Wholesale Furniture Brokers Offers Volume Discounts for Large Orders

Wholesale Furniture Brokers offers furniture solutions for establishments, interior design projects, and anyone else that needs to order a large volume of furniture.  You can easily qualify for a volume discount by emailing us at or calling us toll free at 866-595-8930 and answering the following questions:

  • 1. What is your budget?
  • 2. When are you looking to receive your order by?
  • 3. Where does your order need to ship to?
  • 4. What type of delivery level is required?
  • 5. Have you received a quote from any other companies?
  • 6. What products (product names / listing IDs) are you interested in? (Include quantities and sizes of each product)

View our ‘Commercial Furniture Services’ page to find out more information about our commercial services.  

International orders can also be qualified for volume discounts. If you’re ordering furniture for your property in Mexico, view our ‘Shopping for Furniture for Your Property in Mexico’ page to find out more information about our cross border services.   


Gc Direct Design - Condo Development Project in Miami, FL

We were selected as a supplier for the Camillus House shelter.  The shelter provides care and affordable housing for homeless persons. The new Camillus House center project serves an estimated 4,000 people a year with programs such as on-site housing, counseling, and aftercare programs. “We’re honored to be one of their selected suppliers and look forward to making the project a success to serve Miami for years to come,” says Dave Zirnhelt, Wholesale Furniture Brokers’ CEO and President