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Traditional Furniture

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Traditional Furniture Create a Timeless Home Quality

Traditional furniture design is usually characterized by it's use of dramatic woods with intricate and ornate carvings. Hand crafted designs, solid woods, and grand scales are common in this style and are reminiscent of furniture commissioned by the kings and queens of bygone eras.

Popular traditional styles of the affluent variety include the Queen Anne, Louis Philippe, William and Mary, Victorian, and Chippendale. These styles use ornate details and elaborate carvings, with an emphasis on motifs as well as signature looks, offering elegance and romance with a feeling that the furniture's worth is directly tied to how long it took to create. You'll often find traditional chair and table legs tend to feature cabriole legs, ball-and-claw feet, as well as arched backs and rolled arms. Table tops will often have ornately trimmed edges. Slightly more modern traditional motifs can include seashells, pineapples, and other themes pulled from nature. Upholstered pieces usually have wood trimmed arms and large dominate footing.

Another variety of traditional furniture has country influences with humble origins. Unrefined with simple qualities, country or rustic furniture design includes Shaker and Mission styles combined with woods, metals, and natural finishes brought to you by the European countryside.

Twenty first century traditional furniture usually does not have the exact same handcrafted feel of the classic furniture but it does mimic the curves and carvings to retain the stylistic design. A lot of modern day traditional furniture tends to be a bit sleeker, smaller scaled, and subtler which makes it lighter and easier to afford than a true traditional antique.