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Storage Beds

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Can a storage bed be used with a 4 poster bed from your catalogue? Asked by Anonymous
You would need to find a Storage Poster Bed, the only one I know we have for sure is a youth bed the Emma's Treasures Poster Bedroom Set. We don't have any beds that can be converted to poster or storage, to the best of my knowledge. Ginni S. from WFB
How many drawers does the vito black Queen have and what is this bed made from. can you show a pic with the drawers open? Asked by isabella
The Vito Queen Beds feature two drawers on the same side. Manufactured from eco-friendly, EPP-compliant laminated particle board carrying the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, and nade of non-toxic materials and components. Unfortunately we do not have a image of the open drawer. Savannah S. from WFB

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If you're planning to get your own storage bed, there are a few things that you should consider. You should choose a design that will fit nicely with your home theme. The color and design should complement the overall look of your bedroom as well. You also need to consider your storage needs. Do you want a large storage space or just a small space where you can store small items? Some storage beds offer larger storage spaces than the others. Many beds offer storage units as available options. These storage units can sometimes be used as an extra bed or as additional storage. Additional storage under the bed is a great way to keep your room more organized.