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Square Dining Tables

Square Dining Tables Are the Epitome of Classic Style and Functionality

Great in nearly every space, square dining tables can be placed in the corner, near a wall, or in the center of a room, the epitome of classic style and functionality. Your square table can fit two or, using leaves, ten or more guests equally well depending on your needs while still keeping your family and friends face to face helping facilitate natural conversation.

Available in glass, wood, or MDF tops, you'll have no problem matching a table to your existing dining room furniture or finding a brand new collection of dining room chairs, benches, and other accessories that match your new dining table.

Not only a place to eat but also a workspace, square dining room tables are the perfect shape to hold stacks of papers or work on a laptop comfortably and safely. Pick a square dining table with four legs so each corner has its own support and greater balance, or choose one with legs closer to the center for more leg room.

To protect your square dining table you might want to invest in a protective, custom made, dining table pad. Made to fit your table exactly, a dining table pad will protect your new investment from accidental scratches, cuts, burns, and stains regardless of what type of table top is underneath.