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Sports Team Bunk Beds

Questions & Answers

what are the guardrails made out of for the bunk bed the logo part? Asked by Rusty
The guardrails are made of metal. Ginni S. from WFB

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Sports Team Bunk Beds Create the Perfect Fan Sanctuary

Sometimes people forget that kids can be huge sports fans too! If your child is a sports fan you may want to dress up their room with their favorite team.

Bunk beds are a useful furniture piece for a kid’s room and allow two people to sleep in a room without taking up more space. Bunk beds are perfect for households with multiple children, or if your child likes having guests stay the night! You can also simply use a mattress without a foundation on most bunk beds.

Bunk beds use a sturdy ladder, usually attached to the frame of the bed, to allow a person to get onto the top bunk. It is not recommended that more than one person is on the top bunk at once and most beds have a minimum weight limit for the top bunk. Bunk beds are not recommended for children under the age of 6. Be sure your mattress is not too large. Most manufacturers recommend that at least 6 inches of guardrail is needed to for the optimum safety of your child.

Simplistic and functional, the sports team bunk beds feature a selection of NFL and MLB team logos printed on the side of the upper bunk’s guard rails!

Choose your child’s favorite NFL or MLB team to give them their perfect fan sanctuary!

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