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Sleigh Beds

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Do you sale just the wooden rails for a sleigh bed? Asked by Freddy
Though it's not typical that we sell only parts for a bed, if you are missing a piece for a manufacturer's bed, we may be able to help you find a replacement part. However, if your are constructing a bed, we encourage you to find a local millworks company to find custom sleigh rails. Alaina Y. from WFB

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Choosing the Perfect Design

Since sleigh beds are typically made of solid wood, they have established a reputation of having a heavy look with their dark stained finishes. However, over time, different designs have evolved. You don't have to stick with dark and heavy designs. There are also numerous other designs that you can choose from. If you want a lighter look, you can always find one with a slat headboard and footboard for a contemporary look while getting a traditional design. Some are constructed with metal giving your bedroom a gentle and graceful touch. You can also choose a sleigh bed with lighter finishes. Browse different choices in a cherry, rustic oak, and creamy white finishes above.

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