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Shag Rugs

Shag Rugs that Add Style to Any Room in Your Home

Compliment the room of your choice with a brand new shag area rug. There are many benefits to having a shag rug in your home. You can even consider using one in your children’s room or in your entryway because of its durability. Any high traffic area of your home will benefit from having a shag rug especially when you have children or frequent guests. Shag area rugs are a versatile addition to your home as they enhance the appearance of wood, tile, and other floor coverings. Because the yarn used in the rug is looped, there is less of a chance they will shed or brush off on clothing or furniture. The noise of a shag rug is also non-existent. Its soft, warm, and cozy structure gives added protection and is perfect for hardwood floored areas and even creaky floors. Choose from a wide variety of colors and styles that accent your room or rooms of your choice.

When searching for a shag rug, it is a good idea to browse room settings from our bedroom, dining room, home office, and living room galleries to give yourself an idea of what you should consider in terms of blending colors and styles.