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Round Dining Tables

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Round Dining Tables Create a More Enjoyable Conversation and Save Space

The popularity of the round dining table compared to the traditional square dining table has increased dramatically in recent years. There are many advantages of the round dining table that more people are noticing and appreciating.

Firstly, the table has more of a casual feel. Families today are much more relaxed when they sit down for a meal and there is very little authoritative seating nowadays with the father heading the table.

Secondly, the round shape encourages social interaction whereas the long rectangle table ushers that aside. There is a more intimate feel with the round dining table that increases the chatter and the overall ambience when you eat together.

Thirdly, the round shape also saves space which allows round dining tables to fit in practically all dining room settings. With extended leaves on both sides of the table being ideal, the table can be tucked away during the day and brought out and extended for dinner when there are more people eating.

Lastly, the round shape gives the owner more versatility. It is much easier to play cards and board games because everyone is closer together. Some round tables also have no legs to support the table, just the one support column in the center.