FREE SHIPPING & Open to the Public

If you haven't ventured over to thisnext yet, you need to do so immidiately. It is another site with completely user-uploaded content. Are you shopping on the web and see something you would like to receive as a gift? Add it to thisnext. Do you want to create a wishlist for a wedding, birthday, or just in general? Do you want that wishlist to be able to span from to Amazon to (Instead of building the same lame registry at Bed, Bath & Beyond like everyone else?). Then venture on over to thisnext.

Their newest feature is called the BlogIt button. If you're looking at another user's list and you want to blog about it, all you do is click the BlogIt button (literally one click), and it will either post it to your blog, or if you want, just give you the html text so you can load it to your myspace page or wherever. The result is a totally clickable, completely interactive blog post that lets you share your favorite stuff.