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Outdoor Chaise Lounges

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Outdoor chaise lounges are very functional patio accessories that will make your resting moments more delightful. They are designed to support your back including your legs so you will be able to rest more comfortably. Outdoor chaise lounges are great furniture pieces to use anywhere on your patio, beside your pool, or even at the beach! Whether you want to go sunbathing or just want to cool off in the shade, an outdoor chaise lounge is definitely a must-have!

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How to Take Care of Metal or Aluminum Outdoor Chaise Lounges

Since outdoor chaise lounges are usually made with metal or aluminum frames, they require very minimal maintenance. However, to make sure that your new outdoor furniture will be able to last longer, it is advisable to conduct regular cleaning and maintenance. Aluminum frames should be wiped with a clean cloth and waxed to keep the frame shiny. For metal frames, soap and water can be used to wash off dirt.

As much as possible, don't subject your metal chaise lounges to water for long periods of time since this might cause rusting. It's also advisable to cover your chaise lounge during bad weather or better yet, put it inside if you have enough space indoors. When choosing outdoor chaise lounges, try to select ones with weatherproof cushions or materials. Treated acrylic fabric and UV protected synthetic weaves are good choices.

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