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Could I get rollback glider chair in the bar height? Asked by Anonymous
We do not currently carry any bar height glider chairs.  Ginni S. from WFB
Looking for PVC glider patio chairs near Palm Springs, CA. Asked by Anonymous
What is on our website would be what we can offer at the moment. All items are shipped directly from their manufacturers to your home. Caitlin L. from WFB

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Since there are so many choices, you may feel a little overwhelmed and might not know where to start your search for the perfect patio furniture. You can read our 'Patio Furniture Style Guide - Patio Tables' to find our more about the different types of tables available for your outdoor collection. The guide will let you know more about plastic, wood, iron, and concrete patio tables. A patio table is a great center piece to start with when you are deciding on what patio furniture to buy.