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Montage Furniture Protection Plan

Protect your investment against rips, tears, burns, stains, and cracks by adding a 5 Year Furniture Protection Plan, 10 Year Mattress Protection Plan, or a combination of both. Go on... live a little. Enjoy your new furniture with a Montage Protection Plan. 

The 5 Year Furniture Protection Plan will protect everything except mattresses. You will need to add the Mattress Protection Plan if your order includes a mattress and you’d like it protected (it includes a cover that will be sent to you). During checkout, on the Delivery Information page, select the protection plan you want. The price of the plan you choose will depend on the total value of your order. The protection begins as soon as your order has arrived at your home.

5 Year Furniture Protection Plan

10 Year Mattress Protection Plan

  • Food and beverage stains, human and pet bodily fluids, or ink from pens.
  • Punctures, rips, or burns.
  • Breakage of frames, mechanisms, and panels.
  • Nail polish or nail polish remover.
  • Liquid marks, rings, or heat marks.
  • Glass or mirror chipping, breakage, or scratches.
  • Loss of silvering on mirrors.
  • Failure of integral electrical components.
  • Cracking, bubbling, or peeling of the finish resulting from a specific incident.
  • Gouges or chips that penetrate the finish, exposing the substrate.
  • Food and beverage stains or human and pet bodily fluids.




Prices by Order Value

Prices (per mattress)

  • $0 - $499: $35.99
  • $500 - $799: $49.99
  • $800 - $1499: $69.99
  • $1500 - $2499: $89.99
  • $2500+: $129.99
  • Ordered Individually: $39.99ea
  • Ordered with a Furniture Protection Plan $89.99 or over: Save $10! $29.99ea

If you have any questions about the Montage Protection Plans, please call us toll free at 866-595-8930 and we will help you with your questions.