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Modern Furniture Design is Far from Ordinary

Modern furniture is defined as furniture produced from the late 19th century to the present that is influenced by Modernism. Modern furniture design is closely associated with contemporary and sometimes the two styles are classified together with contemporary skewing towards the more conventional. Modern furniture steers toward bulky, simplistic, futuristic, and sometimes downright wacky tendencies.

A lot of modern designed is also influenced by the Japanese trend of simplistic, solid planes of color without ornament and the contrasting use of patterns. Asian culture and design have been a huge, lasting influence on the modern furniture design industry. With extremely low profile beds, and simplistic, straight edges wood, Asian influence can be seen in Japanese style beds, accessories, and even in the minimalistic dining furniture so popular today.

Some of the most popular modern styles are Bauhaus and Post-Modernism. These unconventional designs place emphasis on eccentric form and function combining primary shapes and colors to create visual drama. With the exploitation of science and technology for home use, the high-tech design movement brings industrial materials and space age details into the home.

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