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Low Profile Beds

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I am looking for a full bed do you have any? Asked by Anonymous
Full (or double) beds can be found Full Beds Wendy J. from WFB
coal harbor platform bed--can this be used with a mattress and box spring? how high would it be? Asked by m
The product can be used with a box spring and mattress, however, a box spring is not necessary. The height would depend on how tall both the mattress and box spring are. I have requested information from the manufacturer on how high the slats are and will let you know as soon as I have an answer. Ginni S. from WFB
The height of the platform where the mattress would sit is 12.5" so if you measure the height of your bed and mattress just add to that to find out how high your mattress would be from the floor! Ginni S. from WFB

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Low Profile Beds to Create a Spacious Style in Your Bedroom

Open up your room with a low profile bed. The footboard on a low profile bed is shorter than traditional footboards. The design will not dominate your bedroom and give you more free-flowing space. Small or large bedrooms will benefit from this style of bed as it will not overwhelm the room. Low profile beds can also be designed lower to the ground. This style helps you get in and out of bed since it doesn’t feel like you are climbing. The types of materials used in the frames range from wood, metal, and leather upholstery. Each type features different colors and finishes. The color tends to be more neutral to give less emphasis on the bed. Headboards are optional on some low profile beds. Some headboard designs can be elaborate or simple in style and still fit the overall look. When shopping for a low profile bed, keep in mind that if the bed is also a platform bed, then it will not require a boxspring or foundation to support your mattress. You will be able to just be able to lay a mattress on the bed and keep its low profile look. Some low profile bedroom sets also include minimalist furniture pieces to create an overall spacious look in your bedroom.