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Japanese Platform Beds

Questions & Answers

I have a question about the Worth Wenge Queen Bed. Is it possible to buy only the platform with the nightstands? I already have a mattress and only need the platform for my new apartment. Asked by Marcus Salmon
The web pages do show the beds with a mattress but those are pictures that have been supplied by the manufacturer to give the end consumer the best possible image of how their room will look once it is in their home. Our beds do not come with a mattress, they must be purchased as well. Wendy J. from WFB
Hi, I really like the Worth platform bed. Can you let me know where I might be able to source one in Australia or through a company that will ship here? Asked by Darren
Unfortunately I am unsure of a company who would sell or ship this product to Australia. Another option for you would be to use a freight forwarder. A freight forwarder may be able to ship to your area. Upon request, Wholesale Furniture Brokers can provide a breakdown of your invoice which includes country of origin, which you would need to provide to your freight forwarder. Kelsey B. from WFB

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Create Your Own Zen-Like Bedroom Sanctuary!

Wholesale Furniture Brokers offers affordable Japanese platform beds to make your bedroom a peaceful sanctuary! Japanese platform beds are designed with gentle curves and simple lines that capture the simplicity and beauty of feng shui design. Their balanced look helps promote a sense of well being as well as a relaxing atmosphere in any home. Some people believe that feng shui beds generate good fortune and healing. While feng shui practitioners often use them to attract good fortune to their homes and families, non-practitioners choose Japanese platform beds for their low profile look which gives an illusion of more space.&

You can choose from different styles and finishes to match your decorating needs. Platform beds don't need an extra boxspring or foundation for your mattress since they have their own wooden slat system to support your mattress.

Once you decide to have a Japanese platform bed, your bedroom will have a more dramatic and minimalist look. You might want to add other Japanese-inspired furnishings to emphasize the beautiful Zen-like ambiance of your bedroom. Shoji screens and tatami mats usually go with Japanese platform beds. They can create a more exotic blend to your decor. You can also choose paper lamps for your lighting to create a calm and elegant glow to your room.