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Game Table Pads

Game Table Pads Protect and Extend Your Table for Gaming

The avid card gamer knows that it’s important for a game table to be clean and in good shape. The more casual card player may simply need to extend a table they already have. Either way, game table pads are a great solution for protecting your tables.

Table pads fold up for easy and quick storage so you can bring them out when you need them!

Table pads will protect your table from direct sunlight, which can fade the finish over time. Scratching can occur from everyday objects like silverware, and table pads provide sound absorption to help decrease the noise during your holiday feast or dinner party. It can also provide protection against heat sources.

A card table Xtender allows you to extend your card table to fit at least six for dinner or eight for a card game. The woven polyester on the underside of the pad will protect your table from scratches. These table pads by Ohio Table Pad Company come with a 3 years warranty on workmanship and materials.

Choose from two different sizes of our card table Xtender to make sure your game night buddies are comfortable at your table!

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