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Furniture Reviews staff members have seen a lot of furniture over the years, and that gives us a certain amount of knowledge and experience that we'd like to pass along to you. Although we all work for the same company, we are individuals, with unique preferences in style. Each staff member seen below has listed some of their favorite furniture pieces and sets - feel free to check out our staff picks to learn a little more about furniture and a little more about the people who make up the team. This section will be updated regularly so check back often and add this page to your Favorites!

  • Eloquence III Twin Memory Foam Mattress View Product

    One of the best mattresses I have ever owned

    - Wendy J.

    I bought the 8" Eloquence II in a queen size last summer. I would rate my mattress at 4.5 out of 5. 

    I have used a memory foam pillow for a number of years to help alleviate pain from a neck injury. I thought I would try a memory foam mattress to see if it helped with the aches and pains I felt each morning in my lower back. It took me about a week to get used to the feel, as it is very different from the pocket coil mattress I had before. I can say honestly that I was pleasantly surprised to find that this mattress did offer relief. I wake each morning pain free and well rested. The memory foam contours to your shape, offering great support but still being soft and cozy. I prefer to keep my room cool at night and was worried I would find the mattress to be too hot, but I do not find that at all. My spouse loved the mattress from day one. He found it to be the perfect level of comfort and firmness he prefers. One major advantage that I had not considered when I bought the mattress was that there is very little transfer of motion. This is perfect as my spouse suffers from asthma and I am no longer woken when he gets up to use his inhaler each night. I have also heard people comment that they worry about a chemical smell from the memory foam mattresses. When we first opened the packing there was a smell but most likely it was associated with the tight packaging it comes in, but by that evening it had dissipated. I have a very keen sense of smell and I do not detect any unpleasant odour from my mattress. 

    All in all, it is one of the best mattresses I have ever owned. I recommend this mattress with confidence, knowing that others will appreciate the comfort and support it offers as well as the overall quality for the price. 

  • Eloquence III Twin Memory Foam Mattress View Product

    Great for resolving back pain!

    - Ginni S.

    As someone with chronic back pain, having a good night's sleep is incredibly important to me. I currently sleep pillow top pocket coil mattress. Needless to say, I rarely sleep well. I've done a bit of research on the benefits of memory foam. Sleep is very subjective and there a lot of factors, aside from your sleeping surface, that can affect a good night's sleep. I've only tried this mattress but I want to share the things that I really like about it so far. I found that my lower back was supported pretty well due to the centralize weight of my hips, but my upper back and shoulders didn't sink into the mattress in a comfortable way for me. I tend to toss and turn at night so I tried lying on my side as well since this increases the weight of my body. I didn't mind the way the mattress conformed on my side but I prefer sleeping on my back so it just wasn't 100% ideal for me. My legs felt like they were just lying on the bed, which wasn't notably different from my current mattress. It's been noted that memory foam can absorb heat, however, from the short time I laid on this mattress I didn't notice a large temperature difference. It was a nice neutral temperature. I love the texture of the mattress cover. It's incredibly soft and I could lay on that easily without a fitted sheet, it's that soft! The mattress did conform to my body quickly and once I got up it regained its original shape within a few seconds. If this doesn't sound like your cup of tea, take a look at the 10 Inch Allure Memory Foam Mattress.

  • Black Full Grain Leather Sectional Sofa View Product

    Modern Black Sectional Sofa

    - Ginni S.

    I am the vice-president here at WFB and I had been looking for a sectional for my home for quite some time. With so many options available to me I had a tough time making a final decision. I was apprehensive about ordering this sectional as it was a big purchase for me and it had to ship quite a distance. If I didn't like it I would have to figure out what I was going to do with it much like our customers would. It's a big sectional that doesn't just fit in anyone's home. I even went to one of our customers homes who ordered it and checked it out for myself. Just to get an idea of size, quality and feel.

    Well it arrived on Nov 23, and in great condition! It is pimp especially the light on the end of the chaise!! The look is unique and it is built like a rock. All the stitching is straight, seems look good, cushion are firm and supportive but still soft enough to lounge and it really looks and feels like a quality piece. I have had 8 adult men over to watch a football game comfortably.

    The one recommendation I would make to potential buyers is the upgrade to the Leather/Leather Match option or the Full Leather option if available. For the extra $500 on a $3000 sectional it is well worth it when spending $3000. Compared to the all bonded leather options it is more soft and supply and feels better to the touch.

  • 2 PC Lodi Charcoal Sectional Sofa View Product

    Charcoal Microfiber Sectional Sofa

    - Ginni S.

    The Lodi Charcoal Sectional Sofa has a simplistic design with straight clean lines, this contemporary feel appeals to my design sense to I'm immediately drawn to the look of the sectional. There are some things I love about it and some things I don't like. I'll start with the things I don't like, first, the charcoal fabric has a grey-ish purple tint to it up close. Lighting in any given room might make a difference but it's important to note that the sofa isn't strictly grey. Second, there are no back cushions, the back of the sectional is wrapped in a comfy foam to provide support – this does two main things – a) it gives you more room to sit or lay on the sofa and b) doesn't provide quite the right back support when sitting. Lastly, the only other thing I don't like about this sofa are the seat cushions, they're padded foam and are medium firm (in my opinion) in support. I believe the cushions would begin to be a bit more comfortable overtime but sometimes these types of cushions wear down faster. On to the things I do love about this sofa. The accented throw pillows match the available ottoman and provide a contrasting design. Two of the four pillows are upholstered in a light blue chenille fabric with the leaf design on the other side, while the other two feature a salmon (pink) color. The plush microfiber material of this sectional is heavenly, I always prefer the soft material of microfiber and the Lodi sectional does not disappoint. The straight block arms give a simplistic look to the sofa along with the wooden block legs. The chaise is attached to the sofa with an easy to install metal bar making it easy to change the sofa from RAF to LAF at will. Overall this sectional isn't my first choice, and like any piece of furniture there are pro's and con's, but it's a great value and design for the budget conscious consumer.

  • Barrister Grey Velvet Sofa View Product

    Grey Velvet Sofa

    - Alaina Y.

    Though it's a little to traditional for my tastes, this Barrister grey velvet sofa has a haunting appeal to me.  The grey velvet fabric with black piping makes this sofa look almost like a silhouette.  Its diamond pattern tufting on the back and dramatically curved arms gives this sofa a classic and traditional look white the grey fabric and ebony legs bring it into the 21st century.  The velvety fabric makes this sofa look very smooth and luxurious, but such a formal design would place this in a foyer as opposed to a family room.  If you have a formal living room, I recommend outfitting in the entire 3 piece set.

  • Garbo Sofa View Product

    Contemporary Couch

    - Ginni S.

    I am in love with this simplistic contemporary couch. Usually I prefer richer colors in my furniture, deep blues, reds, and blacks, but something about the accent pillow and additional pieces just strikes me as classic. A look that will go with just about any décor - I would buy this sofa as well as the matching chair and ottoman in a heartbeat. The beautiful sateen fabric produces a sheen giving the sofa a soft look and feel. Sateen is often used in vintage clothing using cotton and is made using a similar weaving structure as satin. I'm particularly drawn to the contrasting colors used in the throw pillows, accent, and ottoman. I could see these pieces in my home or my parents home. The price is a little high for me but if I had the money to invest, I would definitely go for this contemporary sofa.

  • Curved White Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa View Product

    White Curved Sofa

    - Mike K.

    Perfect for gathering with your friends for drinks, a sofa that is curved like this makes for easy conversation. However, if this isn't your thing, it can be arranged anyway you like. Such as in the S configuration, pictured above. I guess you do that on the rare occasions you wished you'd bought a regular sofa? When the ottoman is placed out front, this curved white sofa works well for theatre seating. White is the most attractive of all the colours available, but I've mentioned before what I dislike about white. It doesn't take much to make it look dirty.

  • Bunks Twin Over Twin Pine Bunk Bed by Coaster Company View Product

    Bunk Bed with Stairs

    - Deanna G.

    Made of solid pine in a rich cherry finish, the Bunk Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed is a practical piece for a child's room or even for a cabin. The staircase is an option to be included with the bunk, however I highly recommend it as it securely attaches to the bunk bed itself and features 3 drawers for additional storage which is definitely an asset.  I would also recommend the Eco Planet 8" Twin Mattresses to complete the bunk bed with stairs!

  • 36 Inch Aspen Espresso Floating Shelf by Southern Enterprises View Product

    Floating Shelves

    - Jonathan C.

    Nate Berkus from Oprah fame always suggests not to use your floor furniture to display pictures and figurines. He always suggests to use shelving for display. With the Customizable Aspen Espresso Floating Shelves you get 4 different sizes of shelves, perfect for all your items. If you do need more storage you can easily add more shelves to the set. You will receive a 48", 36", 24", and 10" shelf. With the 4 different shelves you are able to mount them in many different combinations to add to the specific style of your room. The possibilities are endless when deciding which rooms to put these shelves in; from bedroom, laundry room, nursery or even the shed, these will be perfect. The shelves are made from solid New Zealand pine so they are definitely durable and will last you for many years.

  • Heirloom Cherry Hall Tree View Product

    Antique Hall Tree

    - Nicole H.

    This antique hall tree is a great way to keep your place neat. This piece has a seating area that allows you to sit down to put your shoes on and that area flips up for a storage area. It comes with hooks that allow you to hang up your coats or anything else that needs to be hung up. The back panel has a mirror on it so you can check yourself out on your way in or out of the house. The cherry color is perfect color for any room!

  • 2 PC Lodi Dark Chocolate Sectional Sofa View Product

    Chocolate Sectional Sofa

    - Shalina M.

    This sofa is very striking to me. The dark chocolate colour with the contrasting sofa cushions and optional ottoman really make it eye catching and the perfect addition to any living room - I've no doubt this chocolate sectional sofa is going to quickly become one of our best sellers!! This is a great size for a smaller room - only 102" long, but the chaise is nice and big, perfect for relaxing in front of the TV. With a reversible chaise, it's so versatile, it will work in any room. The most surprising part is the price - it's so affordable, it's really a no-brainer on this one!!

  • Zurich Queen Platform Bed View Product

    Solid Wood Platform Bed

    - Mike K.

    When I first heard that such a thing as a platform bed existed, this is pretty much what I thought of. Admittedly I've never seen this bed in person, but this solid wood platform bed looks sturdy. It gives the impression that it wouldn't move as you're rolling and moving around in bed. No box spring required. A bed of memory foam (because who wouldn't put a memory foam mattress on this thing? Come on.) solid as the ground upon which it sits. I hate a creaky, shaky bed. If all this is true, it's not such a high price to pay.

  • Mott White Square Coffee Table by Modloft View Product

    Low Profile Coffee Table

    - Alaina Y.

    The super simplicity is what I really like about this low profile coffee table, but its super simplicity is what makes it so modern.  Finished in a smooth, white lacquer with a contrasting black glass table top, this coffee table is the definition of low profile, post modern design.  But maybe is it too low profile?  You'd need a really low profile sofa or chair to place this table in front of so you don't have to extend too far to pick up your drink or remote control.  I suppose if you had a lot of floor space and would like an accent piece, the Mott coffee table is a piece not to be missed.  In the collection is also a matching end table and console which might be a little more practical.

  • Phoenix Daybed with Bookcase and Strorage Drawers by Coaster Company View Product

    Daybed with Storage

    - Deanna G.

    Needing to update your guest room but don't have enough room for a bed and dressers or storage pieces?  Then the Phoenix Daybed with Storage Drawers and Bookcase is the perfect option as it is available in a full or twin size and includes 2 large storage drawers plus shelving for your guest's things!  An added bonus is that the shelving has built in lights to add that extra bit of ambiance into the room.  Definitely a must have!

  • 22 x 34 Inch Trio Charcoal & Beige Rug View Product

    Floral Rug

    - Ginni S.

    I'm not always looking for rugs. I'm pretty particular and I tend to prefer the funky style with contemporary and modern twists. Traditional rugs are not my taste. This floral rug is a great accent piece that has that sort of whimsy style that I like without being so distracting that I'm not sure where to look. The colors are neutral enough so that the rug would go with just about any contemporary design scheme. It would be a nice contrast to a colorful living room or a great accent for a simplistic modern black and white design. All in all, I'd definitely go for this rug in my living room or bedroom.

  • Matinee Round Glass Dining Table Set by Steve Silver View Product

    Glass Top Dining Table

    - Maria P.

    This gorgeous glass top dining table will brighten up your mood every time you enter the room! Its glass top reflects the lights and contrasts the wooden base of the table. The chairs can be chosen in different colors to create a better match for your taste. Parson chairs are simple, but very stylish and comfortable. It just feels great to look at the masterpiece, and the enjoyment the meals every time you sit down to eat will be guaranteed!

  • Avalon Black Convertible Sofa by Lifestyle Solutions View Product

    Black Convertible Sofa

    - Mike K.

    An attractive little sofa in sofa form, the arms on this black convertible sofa fold down to provide a cot for a guest to sleep on, or to have a nap. The back doesn't fold down, it's only as wide as the seat is narrow. Not as fancy as some, but the price reflects that and it serves the purpose. If a friend needs to crash, and they don't care where they're sleeping, they're just grateful for a place to sleep it off. This is that place.

  • 22 x 34 Inch Dapple Lime Rug View Product

    Kids Area Rug

    - Deanna G.

    The dapple lime kids area rug is the perfect piece to use under a student desk for your child's toes not to be cold if you have a bare floor.  You definitely can't go wrong with the price for the 22" x 34" rug and is also available to be ordered in a larger size of 36" x 60". The polka dot shag really gives this piece a funky fun look!

  • Avenue 72 Inch Round Dining Table Set with Lazy Susan by Steve Silver View Product

    Dining Table with Lazy Susan

    - Shalina M.

    If you're looking for a new dining set, look no further! The 72" Round Avenue Dining Table with Lazy Susan is perfect for any home as well as beautiful and functional. I love this set for a number of reasons. First of all, I absolutely adore furniture that has a light fabric or leather contrasting with a dark wood; it really makes your furniture stand out! The fabric is vinyl, which is easy to clean so you don't need to worry about messy stains. I think the best part about this set is the Lazy Susan. Obviously, large round tables can be a pain for passing food around, but with this Lazy Susan, you don't need to worry about that. It is completely separate from the table so if you don't need it, it's easy to remove! Need something a little smaller? This table is also available in a 54" round size.

  • Astor White Extendable Dining Table by Modloft View Product

    White Dining Table

    - Alaina Y.

    This Astor white dining table is so smooth and clean, it will create the best neutral base for really jazzing up your dinner parties.  I can see myself using the most colorful dinnerware, glasses, and centerpieces on this table because everything will not only coordinate but create an interesting visual contrast.  The white lacquer makes it very smooth and easy to wipe clean but I would worry about potential stains.  It also comes in a wenge and walnut finish too.  The sturdy pedestal base allows for everyone to sit comfortably around the table, and the fairly large extension (23 inches) can seat up to 10 people.  Almost any dining chair can coordinate with this table, but the funky looks and modern appeal of the Fox Trot dining chairs by Zuo Modern would pair really nice with the white Astor table.

  • Bunks Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed View Product

    Wooden Bunk Bed

    - Jonathan C.

    This oak finished bunk bed is made from solid wood and will last you years and years.  You can start out with them stacked on each other, and as your little ones grow, you are able to separate the set and use them as stand alone beds. With this set there is nothing really fancy or exciting in a good way. This wooden bunk bed is very durable, has nice clean lines, and will get the job done. Anyone who is looking for a durable set at a low cost will benefit from this bunk. Coaster Company (the manufacturer) is extremely popular in the U.S. for good reason. They have great products at a great price.

  • Saddle 819 Series Leather Swivel Recliner and Ottoman View Product

    Brown Leather Swivel Recliner

    - Maria P.

    This brown leather swivel recliner features top grain leather and a very handy adjustable headrest for your comfort! The matching ottoman comes with it in a package and serves your legs great when reading, watching TV or just resting in your chair at home. You can be sure in the quality of the product since it's designed for comfort, support, and relaxation. With the optional theater tables you can add to the recliner, you can create a home theater with no effort. It's so easy to sip your drink and put it on the table which also has power outlets!

  • Event Gray Floral Sofa View Product

    Modern Grey Sofa

    - Ginni S.

    If you're looking for something modern for your living room seating needs, I think this funky modern grey sofa is the perfect addition to a simplistic modern décor. With accent pillows I adore, I'd curl up on this sofa any day. My only gripe is that it seems more like it only seats two, which makes it harder to stretch out and watch TV. So it really depends on if you're going for function or style. Adding the matching arm chair is a must as well. You have to weigh your needs, the cost, and the look you're going for when deciding if this sofa is right for you. I personally love the look but I don't think it would work that well in my home.

  • Sonata Leg Dining Table View Product

    Formal Dining Table

    - Deanna G.

    Having recently seen the Sonata Leg Table by American Drew, I knew I had to write a review on it. The finish of this set is so stunning, and it is difficult to tell from the online image, but there is caving detail near the top of each leg with beautiful silver plated hardware for the bottom of the legs, making this formal dining table even more elegant. The table is 78" long and has 2 leaves so you can extend it to 114" which easily makes enough room to be able to sit at least 10 people. There are many options to add to this set as well like the curio cabinet or credenza for extra storage for your china.

  • 72 Inch Round Orbit Rug View Product

    Round Area Rug

    - George W.

    Where can you put a leather rug that is a stitched together of bold multi-sized circles of black, white and red? Well, I for one, would put it in my kitchen to brighten up my morning when I am making my coffee. I could also use it in the living room between the TV and the sofa. This round area rug, with its use of circles and color, just seems to pop off of the floor in an entertaining way. Being made out of durable leatherette, I know this rug will last a long time.

  • Oakley Chocolate Entertainment Center by Urban Cali View Product

    Chocolate Entertainment Center

    - Nicole H.

    The Oakley Chocolate Entertainment Center is perfect for de-cluttering your living room or family room. This entertainment center provides lots of room to store your TV, DVDs, CDs, and any other electronic components. You can remove the media shelf if you want just the TV stand by itself or you can add up to 11 media shelves. Having the choice to either add or remove the media shelf makes it perfect for the small DVD collector or the big one.

  • 60 x 96 Inch Gem Heriz Traditional Rug View Product

    Heriz Rug

    - Gil G.

    Rugs are an exceptional way to tie any room together, not only suitable for the floor, rugs can be used as a wall decoration as well. The Gem Heriz rug definitely would work in either scenario.  It is on the darker side, however there are some warm tones to it as well. Available in two sizes, it will certainly fit any number of room configurations. Although it is not hand made, it still has a lot of character and it is at a great price point as well. Overall this is a very sharp looking rug.

  • Physics Ceiling Lamp View Product

    Deco Light Fixtures

    - Mike K.

    Why is this called the Physics lamp? Is it supposed to resemble a particle perhaps? Or maybe a solar system? I guess it does give off a kind of "sciency" vibe though, doesn't it? I imagine something like this wouldn't give a whole lot of light. It's certainly not something you'd want to read by. I think it would go well in a theatre room though as they never need to be really bright, especially if one were a fan of Sci Fi genre. Every theatre room I've ever seen has always had two sets of lights though, a dim set and a brighter set. This deco light fixture would make a good set of dim lights in a theatre room. Although this does come at a high cost and is way more than I'd ever pay for a light.

  • Zurich Queen Platform Bed View Product

    Modern Cappuccino Platform Bed

    - Ginni S.

    This beautiful platform bed is perfect for your modern bedroom. I love the modern style that I find extremely attractive. The mattress inset in the base of the bed is a great draw. Sometimes I worry I might hit the ledge in my sleep when I'm tossing and turning, but I also love the idea that I could store a few things on the ledge. I probably wouldn't let things sit all night, that tossing and turning thing, but I if I were laying on the bed reading I could put a drink on the ledge or store my book during a break. The matching case goods are extremely complimentary as well, they look great and are the perfect size for my ultimate bedroom. The price point on this bed is also really great for the quality and style. All in all I really think this bed is a great deal.

  • 28 x 56 Inch Flokati Lime Green Shag Rug View Product

    Flokati Rug

    - Alaina Y.

    Don't lie, you've always wanted a lime green shag rug.  No?  Just me?  Alright, well someone out there other than me will love this rug too.  It just looks soooooo soft.  The Flokati rug collection from Linon Rugs also comes in twelve other colors so you're not just stuck with lime green.  How about a fushcia shag rug?  No?  Again just me?  Flokati rugs come from a strong tradtion hand made from 100% wool in the mountains of Greece.  Its durable, very plush and will look great in your modern designed home, child's room, or dorm.  Priced to move, I know these unconventional rugs will be a hit with someone.

  • Montrose Mirrored Cabinet by Holly & Martin View Product

    Mirrored Cabinets

    - Deanna G.

    When I first came across the Mirage Mirrored Cabinet, I fell in love with it instantly and put it into my list of favorites! It is really difficult to find mirrored products these days, and with the reflection, I think that really helps to open up a room, especially if it can be placed across from a window or opening. There is also a mirror, accent table and console table available to order to match and complete the set!

  • Malbec Pedestal Counter Height Dining Table Set with Black Glass Insert by Steve Silver View Product

    Counter Height Pedestal Dining Set

    - Maria P.

    The Malbec counter height pedestal dining set is an ideal combination of modern design and comfort. Soft, upholstered seats in an espresso color on the wooden counter height chairs add a sharper look to the already great looking pedestal table. Its glass insert in the middle creates a sophisticated touch, and the combination of several shades of the same dark color will make your dining set stand out, especially in contrast with a brighter room.

  • Grand Traverse Porch Rocker View Product

    Porch Rocker

    - Jonathan C.

    I love the classic look and the style of a rocking chair. I can't tell you how many times I have seen a regular wooden rocking chair outside on a front porch or deck only to be ruined by the weather. If you like the look and feel of a rocker and are thinking about bringing your wooden rocker outside, I would suggest you keep it inside and take a look at the Grand Traverse Porch Rocker. This chair is made from durable aluminum and vinyl and wont warp, crack or rot like wood will. Perfect for a beach house, sun room, deck or front porch. The chair also comes with some versatility as you will have a couple of colors choices for the chair. The cushions also have several color options so you aren't limited to one style that may or may not work for you. Whether you use it to relax and enjoy the outdoors or to read a book, you'll definitely enjoy having it.

  • White Faux Leather and Chrome Adjustable Height Barrel Bar Stool View Product

    Adjustable Bar Stool

    - George W.

    This adjustable bar stool is durable with white faux leather and chrome steel all while having style and comfort. Just the combination that I look for in my furniture. I know I am going to be comfortable with its curved seat back and plush seat upholstered in white faux leather. I find that the style is excellent for a wide variety for decors and will fit my place great. As well, my little breakfast bar has be sorely lacking in a suitable seat as all my chairs are a bit short. An excellent addition to anyone's home.

  • The Wave White Sofa Set by Z Mod View Product

    White Leather Couch

    - Maria P.

    The Wave White Sofa set is a dream set to have in your living room or any office area. Made of bonded leather, it's fantastically affordable for the value you get! It also features stainless steel accents and metal legs. Its hardwood frame comes with a lifetime warranty. This white leather couch has comfort and contemporary design that makes it irresistible not to sit down or walk away.

  • Omega Black Queen Bed View Product

    Modern Round Bed

    - Mike K.

    A round bed that isn't round? I guess it's technically round, but it's not like it uses a round mattress or anything. "What's the point," you ask? Well, I'm not really sure. Aside from a sturdy edge to sit on at the sides and foot of the bed (which can be handy), I can't really think of any reason I'd want a modern round bed like this. Then again, maybe that's the whole point. Modern furniture often looks weird just for the sake of looking weird. This bed is certainly weird. All Zuo needs to do is making matching crescent moon nightstands. A Mickey Mouse bed, anyone? As with most Zuo, you get what you pay for. It's out of my price range but not terribly priced for what it is.

  • Tachyon Ceiling Lamp View Product

    Ceiling Light Fixture

    - Ginni S.

    I'm always looking for something to spice up a room; accent pieces that add that touch of flare that most rooms are honestly lacking. What better solution than to spice up my ceiling light fixture. It's not a piece that will get in the way of my daily living and it's entirely functional - giving it an extra appeal. What room doesn't need a little light in the darkness? The neutral finish will compliment just about any modern décor and blend perfectly into any room in your house. Use the ceiling lamp in your kitchen, dining room, bedroom, or living room. The soft glow from this cloud-like tranquil piece will be sure to light your way.

  • Dining Room Table Pad - Custom Manufactured  by Ohio Table Pad Company to Fit Any Table! by Ohio Table Pad Company View Product

    Custom Table Pad

    - Nicole H.

    The Dining Room Table Pad is custom made so it fits perfectly on your table. The table pad is perfect to protect against spills, scratches, and heat. You can also add a storage bag to store the custom table pad if you don't want it on your table. This item is perfect to protect tables that are antique or new. Who wants to go spend a bunch of money on a table and have it ruined?

  • Allure Queen Memory Foam Mattress View Product

    Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress

    - Maria P.

    The Allure visco elastic memory foam mattress is our most affordable and irreplaceable items! Made of several foam layers inside the mattress, it features 10 inches of comfort, support and health. Memory foam is extremely good for back support and keeps your spine horizontally straight while sleeping. That's the kind of a mattress you'd enjoy in a hotel - the next morning it feels like a whole new life is just about to start!

  • Bosonic Ceiling Lamp View Product

    Loft Lighting

    - Alaina Y.

    J'adore cette lumière.  It really speaks to my industrial loft lighting loving senses.  Its simply ten bulbs hung from a braided cord with visible sockets suspended from the ceiling.  With the half chrome dipped, low watt bulbs, I can't imagine it gives off a lot of light.  But who cares, ITS ART!

  • Drew Onyx Microfiber Sectional Sofa View Product

    American Made Sofa

    - Jonathan C.

    I'm a big fan of sectionals and this one is at the top of my list. The Drew Sectional by Klaussner is made in the U.S.A.. A lot of people out there are looking for USA built producst, and not only are they supporting the US economy but they are getting a very high quality product. This is an absolutely beautiful and very durable sectional that will last for years upon years. It really is amazing for the price.  The sectional is custom made, and Klaussner (the manufacturer) choses their materials very carefully. They use a very durable micro-suede fabric that adds to the overall plush comfort. The sectional has nice clean lines so it will match pretty much any decor that is out there. The sectional comes in 2 pieces: the sofa, which is 82" from left to right and the chaise which is 86" from the back to front. The total dimensions of the sectional are 118"L x 86"D. Lots of space for all your guests. This sectional comes in 9 different colors: Onyx (the one in the picture above), Earth, Thyme, Straw, Brown, Chocolate, Cinnabar, Charcoal and Khaki. This American made sofa is great for putting your feet up to enjoy your favorite TV show or even taking a cat nap.

  • Physics Ceiling Lamp View Product

    Modern Ceiling Light

    - Gil G.

    Sometimes the best way to make a room stand out is to use unique lighting. This ceiling lamp is just that.  It is eye catching, shiny and has several bulbs on it. I am not sure how anyone would be able to miss something like it. Definitely more suited for a modern room, it would likely be best in a dining room, foyer or even a game room to add lots of character. This modern ceiling light is just over three feet around in size, so it will need a bit of space to look good. The fact that it comes with bulbs is pretty handy as well, saving any additional expenses when buying this lamp.

  • Aragon Corner Entry Bench View Product

    Corner Entryway Bench

    - George W.

    An excellent idea for anyone's entryway needs. I know I would like a place to sit when I am putting on my shoes and with this Aragon bench, I would have a great addition to my apartment. With a beautiful Spanish influenced scrolled back, this corner entry bench would be perfect for whose in need of a place to store their hats, coats and shoes. With four hooks to hang your belongings, a bench to sit on, and a shelf to store your shoes, this will make use of that unused corner in your household.

  • Beige Leather Like Recliner View Product

    Reclining Armchair

    - Nicole H.

    The Beige Leatherette Recliner is covered in a material called Leatherette so you get the look of leather but don't have to pay the price. Coming in the color beige, this recliner will look stylish and will match in any room. (You can also get it in black if you prefer.) It has a steel base so it will hold up well. This reclining armchair will be a great, comfy, and easy to clean addition to your living room.

  • Grazia Wall Mount Wine Storage by Southern Enterprises View Product

    Wall Mount Wine Rack

    - Shalina M.

    I love the idea of a piece of art in your home that not only looks good but is also functional. That's what this Wall Mount Wine Rack is! It's fun and stylish and the perfect way to keep your wine organized and stored without taking up extra room in your home. I love the colours and the design and the look is very unique; you won't find another like it! Most wine racks, while they may hold more, tend to be expensive and big. This is compact, and, if you're needs require more than seven bottle spaces, at such a great price, you might as well buy two!

  • Pink and Chrome Adjustable Height Rolling Chair View Product

    Pink Task Chair

    - Deanna G.

    You can now have your kids do their homework in style with the Pink and Chrome Adjustable Height Rolling Chair Set. It is not only cute but very practical as it's easy to lift the chair to different heights with the gas lift handle. This pink task chair also has casters which makes it easy to move from a desk to a table or anywhere else that you may need to use the chair at. A very recommendable product!

  • 2713 Series Twin Loft Bed by South Shore View Product

    Twin Loft Bed with Workstation

    - Mike K.

    I could have used a twin loft bed with workstation as a kid. My room was my house. My books didn't go in the bookshelf in the living room. They went in my bookshelf. My toys in my toy box. Everything of mine in my room. My room wasn't very big either. This would have saved a lot of space. The desk looks a little too small to properly do any homework on, though. And my parents would never have spent that much for kid's furniture.

  • Sonoma Black Queen Platform Storage Bedroom Set by Prepac View Product

    Sonoma Storage Bed

    - Josh R.

    Having recently relocated to Kamloops to join the WFB team, I had to sell most of my furniture off when I moved. My new place is pretty small, and I needed storage as well as a bed. With the help of the sales team, I decided on a Sonoma Storage Bed. Once I got it home, the bed took a couple hours to set up, but the high quality and sturdiness of this bed outweighs having to follow the very clear directions to assemble it.  The drawers close smoothly and quietly, and have more than enough space for the clothes that would usually end up in a dresser. The style is slick and blends well with anything. All in all, I'm quite happy with this bed, and would recommend it to family and friends.

  • Natalie Black Wall-Mount Craft Storage Rack with Baskets by Holly & Martin View Product

    Craft Storage

    - Alaina Y.

    I am a crafter who is always finding it hard to safely store all of my crafting materials and notions. This wall mount craft storage rack would definitely come in handy since it requires no floor or surface space. The rod would be perfect for my yarn and the little wicker baskets would be great for the little packages of sewing needles I always seem to misplace. But this rack's uses don't stop at arts and crafts. Put it in your office for holding stationary when desk storage is at a minimum. Put it in the kitchen for holding spices, recipes, and even hand towels. Put it in the bathroom for hair products, toilet paper, or anything really. Its scrolls and black finish give it a bit of eye catching detail while not standing out too much, just the way storage is meant to be.

  • Plato Granite Counter Height Dining Table Set with Black Sectional Bench by Steve Silver View Product

    Granite Table Top

    - Deanna G.

    I was really excited to see the Plato Granite Counter Height Dining Set added to our site. While I prefer counter heights over regular height, and not only do I love the granite table top look, I love how the seating area is designed. The two benches can be pushed together with the corner chair to give it that 'nook' type look. Having large family gatherings, I find that you can always squeeze more people around tables that have bench type seating.