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Fleet Twin XL Adjustable Bed by Rest Therapy

Fleet Twin XL Adjustable Bed by Rest Therapy

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Fleet Twin XL Adjustable Bed Choose a Bed Size:


Dimensions: 39"W x 80"D x 11"H
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Eloquence III Twin XL Memory Foam Mattress Choose a Mattress Size:


Dimensions: 38"W x 80"D x 8"H
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8" Queen Memory Foam Mattress 8" Queen Memory Foam Mattress


Dimensions: 60"W x 80"D x 8"H
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Product Description

The Fleet Twin XL Adjustable Bed by Rest Therapy is a great way to ease the back pain, soothe tired aching muscles, relieve minor tension, increase circulation in the legs, decrease edema or swelling of the legs and feet and elevate your upper body to help relieve acid reflux. The bed features 2 motors for head and foot adjustments and includes an easy to use push button wire remote control.

Please Note: The mattress picture with the adjustable bed has been discontinued. The Eloquence II mattress will fit the Fleet Adjustable Bed. 

Additional Dimensions

  • Twin XL Adjustable Bed holds a maximum of 300lbs.
  • Queen Adjustable Bed holds a maximum of 500lbs.


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  • Fleet Adjustable Bed Information

    Fleet Adjustable Bed Information

Rest Therapy

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Rest Therapy

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Questions & Answers

Fleet Twin XL Adjustable Bed (specifically, the matteress) Is it possible to clean the matteress of urine? Before passing away, my mother soiled it. Thanks for your help. Asked by Mrs. Sorrows
I suggest doing some research on the best cleaners for mattress stains as there is a lot of information out there that could help you. Investing in a cleaning product is your first step. I recommend looking at this article How to Remove Urine Stains and Odors from a Mattress which details what to do in specific cases of soiled mattresses. I hope this helps! Ginni S. from WFB
Where can I buy bed rails for the Fleet Twin XL Adjustable Bed by Primo? Asked by Glenn E.
I'm not 100% what you are looking for here. The Fleet adjustable bed comes with all the black metal framing you see, bed rails are not essential to the piece. However, if you are looking for more decorative rails to put at the sides, there is nothing made for it you can purchase. I would suggest contacting a local millworks company and having something custom made. Alaina Y. from WFB
If the motor quits working, can you still adjust the bed? Asked by Anonymous
The bed is only adjustable by the remote control. The bed does come with a 1-year manufacturers warranty. Kelsey B. from WFB
When it mentions "load" in the spec sheet does that indicate the lift capacity? Does this in turn mean that the Queen size bed is only able to handle a 120lbs person? Asked by Mr. Phillips
The 120lbs refers to the weight of the bed. The queen bed can hold 500lbs of weight. Kelsey B. from WFB
We bought a Fleet Adjust Bed TX3880 from a furniture store that was a returned item. The motor gave out and we desperately need to buy a new motor for it so my aging mother can use it. Please tell us where we can purchase this. Asked by Mary Andersen
You would need to contact the manufacturer for a new motor. Their information can be found here: Caitlin L. from WFB

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