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Can these fireplaces be set in a wall or does it have to be hung on a wall Asked by Anonymous
It would depend on the fireplace. The Dynasty Fireplaces can be built into a wall but we do recommend professional installation to prevent any fire hazard. Savannah S. from WFB

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What's the Difference Between Gel Fuel and Electric?

Electric fireplaces plug into a standard wall outlet. They have a realistic flickering flame effect and produce heat, but create no smoke or odor and the glass remains cool to the touch. They are eco-friendly, have low operating costs, and are easily adjustable.

Gel fuel fireplaces have the same snap and crackle of real wood but emit no smoke, odor, or ash. FireGlo Gel Fuel can be ordered in canisters that you can light and place in your fireplace. They produce enough heat to warm up a room to help save on energy consumption.