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Anything with a University of Texas Longhorns logo on it? Asked by Anonymous
Unfortunately, we do not currently carry any items that feature the University of Texas Longhorns. We have Texas Christian University Game Tables and a Texas Rangers Collapsible Gaming Chair. Ginni S. from WFB

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Wholesale Furniture Brokers Wants to Help You Prepare for School - Dorm Furniture Checklist

Even if you are a freshman or a senior, getting ready for university or college is an important part of the experience. Your dorm is where you will be sleeping, studying, eating, and relaxing during the entire school year. Ordering the right dorm furniture can be challenging since there are so many options to choose from.

Dorm Furniture Checklist:

  • How much space do you have? Measure twice, Buy Once!
  • How much room is there to move new furniture into your dorm or apartment? You need enough to maneuver your new furniture!
  • Get the essentials first: bed, mattress, and bedding.
  • Find an affordable work station for late night studying and paper writing!
  • Do you have a place to prepare and eat your meals? Dinette sets and/or Kitchen Carts are great space saving solutions that will ensure you have enough room and organization to your dorm. 
  • Find an affordable bean bag chair, convertible sofa, or recliner! After a long day of classes you'll want to rest and relax. Convertible sofa's easily convert into a bed for visiting guests!
  • Unwind in front of the TV, do you have enough room for an entertainment center, TV stand, or media storage?

Organization is the key to a healthy dorm experience but so is the ability to unwind in your own space. Make sure you have enough room and your dorm is a comfortable place for you to spend your time.