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Wholesale Furniture Brokers announced a one day Cyber Monday III sale on December 14, 2009 to give online shoppers one last chance to save when ordering in stock products including jewelry armoires, sofa beds, daybeds, dining sets, and vanity sets and have them delivered in time for Christmas. According to Wholesale Furniture Brokers, Cyber Monday III marks the last day to order items that ship by FedEx or UPS and have them arrive in time for Christmas. "Some in stock products will still be available to ship in time for Christmas after today, but this is the last chance for a majority of the remaining in stock products," says Matt Holmes, Marketing Manager for Wholesale Furniture Brokers. Product listings on both the USA and Canada websites have been updated with improved availability notes to inform online shoppers which items are in stock and can be shipped in time for Christmas.

Platform Bedroom Set

The third of the Cyber Monday series sales dubbed Cyber Monday III was announced by Wholesale Furniture Brokers on December 14, 2009 on both the USA and Canada websites. Featured in this one day sale event with the top selling items are new products that were recently added, complete with free shipping to encourage online shoppers to place orders and benefit from the discounts and promotions being offered on the sale day. According to Matt Holmes, Marketing Manager of Wholesale Furniture Brokers, "Customers can expect great deals and exceptional value during the Cyber Monday III sale. Since this is the last major shopping day before Christmas and most in stock products need to be ordered now, we even encourage customers with large orders to call in to see if they qualify for more discounts. More management personnel will be available to offer more discounts today. Our sales team is also ready to handle the increased volume of calls and orders."

During the same day in 2008, Wholesale Furniture Brokers noted a 14% decrease in sales on Cyber Monday III compared to the daily average even though traffic to the website increased by 4% compared to the monthly average. Although past statistics have shown that there may be fewer visitors compared to the other Cyber Mondays, the conversion rate for customers is still high for December.

After the series of sales launched by Wholesale Furniture Brokers during the Thanksgiving weekend, some of the top selling products started to run out of stock. According to Holmes, "Customers wanting their orders to be delivered in time for Christmas need to order now before stock completely runs out for 2009. Their orders will not be able to ship in time for Christmas if they order later than today. Of course we can still ship backordered items but we may not be able to deliver them before Christmas. They are processed in the order they are received and will not be delivered until they come back in stock."

The Cyber Monday III sale is the last major shopping day before Christmas, thus it is being actively promoted by Wholesale Furniture Brokers by sending out special notices to its newsletter system. A 10% increase in traffic compared to the monthly average is expected for Cyber Monday III in 2009. Holmes says that "We are expecting a 30% increase in sales for Cyber Monday III, compared to the daily average this year."

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