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Contemporary Rugs

How to Choose Your Contemporary Rug

If you're planning to buy a contemporary area rug, it's best to know the size, material, and design. One of the best materials for contemporary rug runners and area rugs is wool. It is comfortable, durable, and easy to clean. It's great to use even if you have kids since they repel stains and they also serve as your kids' protection from the hard floor in case of a fall. The size of your rug is another important element that you need to consider. Measure the size of your room or the area that you want your rug to be placed. The shape of your rug will alter your rug area. Also include your furniture in your measurement. Finally, it is very important to match your contemporary rug with the color of your surroundings. Contemporary rugs usually contain several bold colors. See to it that your rug will match at least one or two colors from your wall or furniture. You can also use contrasting colors for a more stunning effect.

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