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Conference Table Pads

Conference Table Pads Protect Your Investment

To protect your expensive table against coffee spills, ink stains, and water rings, or to just give your table a fresh look, a conference table pad is an inexpensive solution to extend the life of a table.

Laptops can reach temperatures above 70 degrees under heavy use, and that direct heat overtime can weaken a table’s finish. Table pads can protect against heat sources up to 550 degrees, so even placing a just brewed pot of coffee on the table will cause no damage.

If you’ve just purchased a second-hand meeting table or your current one has seen better days, a table pad cover will bring life back to the table’s surface, allowing it to look new again. Table pads come in a variety of colors and textures to match your office or conference room and can be tailored to fit your unique table’s shape.

Table pads are also a great idea for desks. A proper table pad will extend the life of your desk by preventing against everyday wear and tear. Accidental scratches and stains won’t damage your expensive furniture allowing it stay pristine long after retirement.

You can also get a custom table pad for your dining table to protect it from damage and extend its life.