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Furniture Styles to Set the Tone of Your Room By

Shopping for furniture can be a huge undertaking with many things to consider from how much space you have, to what your budget is, and where you live. One of the things most people have to contend with is fitting new pieces of furniture in with their home's current decor. Some people prefer a mis-match of styles, colors, and types of furniture. But there are those who like a well thought out complementary decor. Maybe you’re looking for themed youth furniture for your child or licensed furniture for the sports fan in your home. Wholesale Furniture Brokers makes it easy to find the styles you’re looking for.

Choosing between Modern, Contemporary, and Traditional furniture styles can be a challenge. Some contemporary furniture is so similar to modern it's hard to tell them apart, while others have that touch of tradition that might be retro or just might add a touch of class to the piece. Contemporary furniture combines trends and influences from many different periods, as well as new technologies to create it's look. Modern furniture tends to use bold, solid colors, and straight lines, with simplistic look and feel. Traditional furniture usually uses rich woods and fabrics with controlled carvings, and is commonly associated with 18th and 19th century European sensibilities.

Youth furniture is generally smaller scaled with bright colors and captures the word "fun!". Boy's furniture uses the dark woods and bolder designs, while girl's furniture tends towards white and oak with touches of femininity. Sports Team Furniture is in a league of it's own with colors and designs influenced by functionality, ruggedness, and the sports teams they represent.