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Wholesale Furniture Brokers has two types of clients: Affiliate Brokers and Registered Distributors.

Affiliate Brokers are independently owned furniture outlets which are authorized to fulfill website orders and respond to website leads. All Affiliate Brokers are inherently Registered Distributors of Wholesale Furniture Brokers' product lines.  Wholesale Furniture Brokers fosters loyalty by only partnering with one Affiliate Broker per metropolitan area.  To be considered for an Affiliate Broker position in a market not yet served by Wholesale Furniture Brokers or to be considered for any openings that may come available please complete the Affiliate Broker Application form.

Priority Markets without an Affiliate Broker:

-  Jacksonville, FL
-  Baltimore, MD
-  San Jose, CA
-  Minneapolis / St Paul, MN
-  Pittsburgh, PA
-  San Juan, PR
-  Kansas City, MO
-  Rochester, NY
-  Louisville, KY
-  Milwaukee / Racine, WI
-  Philadelphia, PA
-  Providence, RI
-  Chicago, IL
-  Dallas, TX
-  Fairfield, CT
-  Salt Lake City, UT
-  Riverside, CA
-  Memphis, TN
-  Gainesville, FL
-  Portland, OR
-  San Francisco, CA
-  Washington D.C.
-  Indianapolis, IN
-  San Antonio, TX
-  Norfolk / Virginia Beach, VA
-  Charlotte, NC
-  New Orleans, LA
-  Sacramento, CA
-  Greensboro / High Point, NC
-  Nashville, TN
-  Raleigh, NC
-  Buffalo, NY
-  Oklahoma City, OK
-  Fairhaven, MA
-  Detroit, MI
-  Grand Rapids / Kalamazoo, MI
-  Worcester, MA
-  Fairbanks, AK
-  Seattle, WA
-  Atlanta, GA
-  Boston, MA
-  Austin, TX
-  Houston, TX
-  Benton Harbor, MI


Registered Distributors have been approved by Wholesale Furniture Brokers to purchase wholesale quantities from Wholesale Furniture Brokers for the purpose of reselling.  To apply to be a Registered Distributor please complete the Registered Distributor Application form.