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Stanley Chair

About Stanley Chair

Stanley Chair is Florida's oldest upholstered furniture manufacturer. With over 50 years experience, they have been manufacturing beautifully styled living room furniture.  Stylish, durable, and affordable prices, Stanley Chair living room furniture is ideal for your home!

Color Variations, Fabrics, and Finishes:

Stanley Chair does not warrant the color-fastness or matching of colors, grains, or textures of covering materials. While every effort is made to ensure pictures are accurate, slight color variances may occur from monitor settings, lighting, etc.

Warranty Information

Stanley Chair warrants to the original retail purchaser, the frame to be free from manufacturing defect for the life of the product, upholstered in original fabric, under normal use. Warranty does not apply to furniture for commercial purposes or furniture altered from its original state.

Springs systems carry a 3-year limited warranty that applies to broken springs. Springs normally soften with age and this is not considered a manufacturing defect.

Deluxe seat cushions and other cushions, padding, and filling are warranted for 1 year against loss of resiliency, loss of filling materials through open seams, and shifting of materials. Do not confuse loss of resiliency with softening. Softening occurs through normal use and is not a manufacturing defect. Also, filling materials soften to conform to user's shape, but this is also normal and not a manufacturing defect. Cushions must be flipped routinely to assure maximum comfort and life.

Motion mechanisms - recliners and swivel rockers - are warranted for 1 year. Commercial use or customer abuses are excluded. General workmanship and materials, excluding fabric are all warranted for one year.

Question & Answers

Are these the same as the Ekornes Stressless recliners? Asked By Anonymous
These chairs are not the same as Ekornes Stressless, however they are styled in a similar way. Gil G. from WFB
Hi, I'm 6'3 and 240. Is there a style recliner that would be best for my build? Asked By Joe
Hi Joe, thank you for your question, while I'm not totally sure which brand or style of recliners would be best for you, being short myself, I can let you know about some features and pro's of certain styles. The majority of styles by Stanley Chair & Mac Motion have a weight limit of 280 lbs, the good thing about these styles is that since the ottoman is not attached to the chair it can be pulled or push as close or as far from the chair to fit your comfort needs. The backs are generally the same height as a traditional recliner so they may be the best option for you. I've sat in a few and they're surprisingly comfortable. Though, the traditional style recliners are always good, if you're biggest problem is support for legs, the Recliner & Ottoman sets may be your best bet! Ginni S. from WFB
What type of chair would be appropriate for someone over 300 lbs? Asked By Anonymous
Thank you for your question. While I don't have any specific weight limits on most of our recliners the style I would recommend for someone over 250 - 300lbs would be the traditional or "Big Man" or "Wall Hugger" Recliners. The recliners by Stanley Chair and Mac Motion we do know have a weight limit of roughly 250 - 280lbs. For instance the Lory Rocker Recliner by Primo International or the Chocolate Microfiber Recliner by Coaster Company. Once you find the perfect style you prefer, we can check on the actual weight limit for you to be sure it'll suit your needs. Ginni S. from WFB
I got a response from one of our manufacturers! All of the recliners by Abbyson Living have a weight limit of 350lbs and the oversized recliners are 400lbs. Ginni S. from WFB
Can I see these in Flordia, Sarasota areaor Port Charlotte area?? Asked By Brenda
Hello Brenda, unfortunately we do not have a store location in your area but we can ship there for free! You may try finding these models in a local store to try them out. Ginni S. from WFB
Where are they made? There's some kind of cold ______ process in the way the padding of the Ekornes Stressless are made. What about the Stanley chair? Asked By Audrey Hanson
These products are made in China. We do not have any additional information regarding the process of making the padding. I have inquired with the manufacturer and will post any information I receive! Ginni S. from WFB
Your information on Stanley Chair Company on this page states that it is"Florida's oldest upholstered furniture manufacturer". Yet, one person asked where these chairs are made and the answer was, "China". Is this another case of an American company outsourcing their products instead of manufacturing in the U.S.? Or was the answer that they "are made in China" a mistake? Asked By Anonymous
The information provided is correct. Stanley Chair is a company that is based in Florida, but like many companies in the US and Canada, they have their items made overseas due to the high production costs if they had them produced in the US. If they were produced in North America the price would likely be double if not triple. This is common among furniture manufacturers, the vast majority of them have their items made overseas in order to keep the costs down so they can be reasonably priced for the consumer. Savannah S. from WFB
Are you having problems with Stanley Chair co? I purchased a sofa and loveseat from them and have not had any luck with them replacing the product... I think I got a "lemon" Asked By Anonymous
Stanley Chair does not deal with the public. You have to go through the original retailer where you purchased the item. We don't have many problems with Stanley Chair, though we only carry their recliners. Ginni S. from WFB

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