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Powell Furniture

About Powell

Powell Company is a California based furniture manufacturer that designs, imports, and distributes high quality and affordable furniture. Their commitment on quality and service ensures long lasting beauty of all Powell furniture. Powell Furniture was founded in 1968 and has been the leading furniture importer of high quality products for over 40 years. Success comes from the superior customer service, wide range of furniture, variety of delivery options, and industry wide reputation.

"We remain committed to the quality and service that the industry has grown to expect from Powell," says the company's CEO and president, Bill Benton, "and we're dedicated to bringing to the marketplace a broad selection of innovative products that are well suited to the ever-changing lifestyles of our customers."

Powell Furniture has offices worldwide including Southern California, North Carolina, Southern China, Cebu, and Brazil. High quality furniture and service is ensured through inspection and dedication.


Powell Furniture has been awarded the prestigious Pinnacle award for the past four years. The Pinnacle awards show recognition and celebrate furniture designers within the retail furniture industry. They have also won the Advanced Design Innovation Award for their industry leading styles, function, and affordability.

Question & Answers

Trying to find a Hills of Provence white cedar chest, supposedly out of production. Asked By Anonymous
This item is no longer available. Caitlin L. from WFB
Can you still order the twin halftime sports bed Asked By vickie
Hello. Unfortunately that bed has been discontinued and is no longer available. Ginni S. from WFB

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