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About Coaster Company

Coaster Company of America has been in business for over 20 years and offers the best value for the quality of products available in their catalog. They are one of the leading National Furniture Distributors in the US with branches in Los Angeles, New Jersey, Florida, Texas, Chicago, San Francisco, and Atlanta.

Coaster Company Shipping Information

Coaster Company goes the extra mile to ensure your furniture arrives to you safely.  They use materials ensuring the product does not shift or become worn during the shipping process so your furniture arrives looking pristine.

They first wrap a polyethylene foam around every product piece, and use shrink wrap on any loose parts or components in the carton. Then they fill loose carton space with polyethylene foam, corrugated corners, and air pillows.
The carton is then sealed with tape on all sides on the top and bottom. "V" Board is attached on the exterior of the box along every corner ensuring the box does not crumple. Only then are your packages ready to go!


Coaster Company Warranty Information

Coaster offers a limited one (1) year warranty to the original buyer against defects in material or workmanship. These defects would be causing the product to be unsound structurally or mechanically, or substantially altering the appearance of the piece. This warranty applies only under the conditions of normal usage and does not apply to defects from misuse, accidents, negligence or normal wear.

Question & Answers

Do you sell direct in Ft Myers Fla or do we have to discuss with a distributor there? Asked By Louie Maier
We would work directly with you as we are mainly an online furniture store.  You may view the products on our site and we would then arrange to ship the items to you. Deanna G. from WFB
Do you sale bed parts? I need two parts (left & right) legs from bed model #200719KE/200719KW/200719Q (B1-B4) Asked By cesar guerra
We can only order parts for items that were originally purchased through our website. You may want to contact the original retailer and see if they can order the parts for your bed. Or contact Coaster Company directly 877-262-7837.  Ginni S. from WFB
We moved and lost the legs parts that attach headboard to frame on Coaster Briana black queen leather padded headboard. Can you supply parts????? Please help! Asked By Lonnie
Did you order your bed from us? Perhaps under a different name and e-mail address? We are only a retailer of Coaster Company furniture, not the manufacturer, if you ordered originally from us we can help you with part replacements, if not, it's best to contact the retailer from whom you purchased this set. Ginni S. from WFB

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