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As predicted, visitor traffic increased on both Wholesale Furniture Brokers' USA and Canadian websites as compared to the same days last year during the annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Compared to the same days last year, the combined traffic volume registered an increase of 12% and 48% on the USA and Canada websites respectively during the entire duration of the sales. As for combined sales, the USA website posted a 211% rise although the Canada website posted a 1% decline. "Overall, our sales starting from Black Friday and ending on Cyber Monday achieved higher sales volumes this year compared to last," says Matt Holmes, Wholesale Furniture Brokers' Marketing Manager. "Everyone couldn't stop smiling at the amount of sales on Cyber Monday. Our best sellers included home theater seating, leather sectionals, dining room table pads, storage beds with drawers, Japanese platform beds, memory foam mattresses, and leather recliners. I think we set a great benchmark in 2009. I wonder how other retailers did."

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Holiday shopping started early at Wholesale Furniture Brokers' USA and Canada websites with the launch of the Black Friday, Silver Saturday, Golden Sunday and Cyber Monday sales during the Thanksgiving weekend. As anticipated, a marked increase in both traffic and sales volume were noted on both websites compared to the same days in 2008. The USA website posted a combined increase in traffic by 12% with Cyber Monday posting the highest increase at 24% followed by Black Friday at 16%, Golden Sunday at 7%, and Silver Saturday at 1%. As for the Canada website, a striking overall increase of 48% in traffic volume was noted; this time Black Friday posted the highest increase at 61%, with Cyber Monday not far behind at 53%, Golden Sunday at 40%, and Silver Saturday at 38%.

The combined sales volume for the USA website showed a remarkable surge at 211% compared to last year, with Golden Sunday raking in the highest sales increase at 282%, followed closely by Silver Saturday at 280%, Cyber Monday at 268%, and Black Friday at 86%. As for the Canada website, overall sales decreased by 1% compared to the same time last year was noted, with Black Friday showing the best performance sales wise with a 87% increase, 80% increase on Silver Saturday, and 22% increase on Cyber Monday, but on Golden Sunday a decline in sales of 83% was observed.

Because of the rise in combined sales volume on both websites from the Black Friday to the Cyber Monday sales, a major boost in revenue for Wholesale Furniture Brokers for the fourth quarter of the year was recorded despite the lower percentage in one of the sale days on the Canada website according to Matt Holmes, Wholesale Furniture Brokers' Marketing Manager.

"We were well prepared for these busy shopping days. We had more sales staff and our promotions were ready ahead of time. Additional management was available to offer additional discounts to customers who had larger orders. During the sales, some of the products were starting to sell out and were put on back order. Customers that ordered a back ordered product will still get the item when new stock arrives since they are still processed in the order they were received," explains Holmes.

Information gathered from the statistics from this years' Black Friday to Cyber Monday sales will be utilized by the Wholesale Furniture Brokers Marketing team for planning and preparations as well as making adjustments for better customer satisfaction and higher sales volumes in the 2010. "Shoppers are probably comparing prices from different websites now to get better deals. We want to make sure that our customers understand that they are getting a great deal and exceptional customer service when they order from us. We want to be their number one furniture destination online," says Holmes.

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