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Beige Leatherette Recliner by Coaster Company

Beige Leatherette Recliner by Coaster Company

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Beige Leather Like Recliner Beige Leather Like Recliner

SKU: CC-7502

Dimensions: 36"W x 21"D x 41.5"H

Product Description

The Beige Leatherette Swivel Recliner by Coaster Company is designed for the ultimate in comfort and support. This recliner is not upholstered in leather. It is covered in a synthetically produced material called leatherette at a much lower cost than a real leather recliner.

Materials / Construction

  • Leatherette
  • Steel Base
  • Recliner Weight Limit: 250 lbs

Coaster Company Brings You Safe Quality Products!

Coaster Company takes pride in manufacturing quality products that are safe for their consumers. All of their products are free of toxins and have no lead paint.

Additional Dimensions

  • 60” Depth When Reclined.


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Extended Warranty

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  • Beige Leather Like Recliner Detail

    Beige Leather Like Recliner Detail

Coaster Company

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Coaster Company Upholstery Warranty

Coaster Company offers a one (1) year warranty on the following:

Motion Upholstery
- The reclining mechanism is warranted to be free from defects in design materials and workmanship.
- Fabric and vinyl are warranted against wear under normal care and condition. This does not cover shrinkage, piling, or fading due to chemical after-treatments or improper cleaning. Use of chemical treatment or improper cleaning invalidates the warranty.
- Coaster warrants seat cushion against defects and loss of foam resiliency under normal use. Do not confuse normal softening and flattening that occurs in all foam products with actual loss of foam resiliency.
- Coaster warrants the stitching against slippage under normal use.
- Coaster warrants the leather will not tear under normal use.
- The finish will not peel from the leather. The finish will not show excessive cracks other than normal wrinkles from stretching.
- Natural markings such as scars, brands, grain variation, wrinkles, etc., will be considered normal characteristics and not construed as defects. Every hide has its own natural characteristics and no two are the same, so color variations may occur.
- Leather warranty does not cover damage, fading, improper use, damage due to excessive heat, cold or exposure, or problems resulting from unapproved cleaning methods.
- To care for your leather:
  • Do not use bleach, oily substances or strong detergent (including laundry detergents).
  • Keep ink, fluids, body oils, chemicals and sharp objects away from upholstery.
  • Exposure of leather to sunlight or extreme light sources may cause fading and damage.
  • Do not use any heat lamps or hair dryers on the leather.
  • If necessary, clean immediately with mild soap (non-concentrated) diluted in lukewarm distilled or purified water on a soft clean towel. Always try to clean in a small hidden area first.
  • For oil, grease, or stubborn stains consult a professional leather care company.

Coaster Company

Questions & Answers

I am interested in this recliner. I need two for my RV. How much does one weigh? Asked by Daniel
This recliner weighs approximately 72lbs.  Thank you for your question! Alaina Y. from WFB
What colors are available? Asked by J. F. Boswell
This leatherette recliner is available in the beige color (as shown) and in a Black Leatherette.  Thank you for your question. Alaina Y. from WFB
how far back does this recline Asked by minafo
I have contacted the manufacturer with your inquiry and have no received a response yet, I will be following up and will post the answer once I recieve it.  Ginni S. from WFB
The only information we can find concerning how far back the chair reclines is that it is 60" long when fully reclined.  Ginni S. from WFB
Does the entire chair lift for taller individuals? Asked by Hattie
This product will not lift, but, does recline. Caitlin L. from WFB
Does this chair also swivel? Asked by Ron
Yes this chair does swivel! Kelsey B. from WFB

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Staff Reviews

  • Reclining Armchair - Nicole H.

    The Beige Leatherette Recliner is covered in a material called Leatherette so you get the look of leather but don't have to pay the price. Coming in the color beige, this recliner will look stylish and will match in any room. (You can also get it in black if you prefer.) It has a steel base so it will hold up well. This reclining armchair will be a great, comfy, and easy to clean addition to your living room.