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Bed Steps

Bed Steps at - Safe, Stylish, and Affordable Bed Step Stools!

Always struggling to get into your bed? It's time to think of getting a bed step to help you comfortably climb into bed. Shop at Wholesale Furniture Brokers and find elegant designs of bed step stools in different sizes. Complement your bedroom furniture with our modern and traditional bed steps. Our bed steps are made with high quality and durable materials to bring you safe, reliable, and long lasting furniture to grace your home. We offer FREE Shipping on all Powell Company bed steps!

When you shop at Wholesale Furniture Brokers, you can save more with our low prices! Order online at and you don't have to pay sales tax. Call us toll free at 866-595-8930 for help customizing and ordering your new bed step stool.

Questions & Answers

How much weight will your Warm Cherry and Cherry Grove step stools hold? Asked by cheryl leone
I have contacted both manufacturers for the weight limits on the bed steps. Unfortunately, neither step has been tested for weight limit, the manufacturer's recommend an average size adult as the limit for these steps and to use your best judgement, I'm sorry we couldn't get a more specific answer for you. Ginni S. from WFB
don't any of these bed steps come in white? Asked by Dawn
Unfortunately, none of these bed steps come in any other colors. Ginni S. from WFB

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Choose the Right Bed Step for You!

Bed steps prove to be very helpful furniture accessories especially if you are constantly struggling to climb in and out of bed. They are also great to accentuate and create a sophisticated look in your bedroom. When shopping for bed steps, you should be very careful to inspect the design. Don't make a mistake and just fall for its looks. Always check for its strength and durability. Bed steps are supposed to be sturdy because their purpose is to carry your weight. Choose a bed step that is able to carry you, or you might be creating more harm for yourself. Shop at Wholesale Furniture Brokers to find safe, durable, and stylish bed steps at very low prices!