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Bar Stools

Choose a Comfortable and Sturdy Bar Stool for Your Dining Room, Kitchen, or Game Room!

Bar stools are built with different designs, materials, shapes, and sizes. If you investigate every feature, you will be left with countless choices. All of the choices can be pretty overwhelming. Before you start, try to go back to the basics. Basically, when you shop for bar stools or other dining chairs, you should choose sturdy and comfortable designs. Swivel bar stools are designed to provide maximum comfort and versatility since you are able to face any direction. Bar stools with backs are a lot more comfortable than backless bar stools but they tend to occupy a much larger space. Check the space you are going to use first. The difference between counter height bar stools and regular bar stools is that counter height stools have a seat height of 24", while regular stools sit at 30". Bar stools at Wholesale Furniture Brokers are built to bring you long-lasting comfort, elegance, and safety at affordable prices!