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Wicker Furniture Shopping Guide

The strength and durability as well as the charm of wicker furniture make it a favorite for transforming the garden, porch, or the patio to a delightful place for hanging out with friends and family. Its comfort and craftsmanship can also be enjoyed indoors. It is hardy and brings with it a light elegance. So if you’re thinking of getting a set, here are a few things you may want to consider.

There are two kinds of wicker furniture - natural and synthetic. Natural wicker is made of rattan, abaca, reed, willow, or bamboo. It is popular for its beauty that cannot be imitated perfectly. It is also durable and can last a long time, as long as it is carefully maintained.

Synthetic wicker is made from weather resistant synthetics. It has greater durability even with less maintenance. It doesn’t fade, has greater flexibility, and can withstand hot, cold, and rainy weather. It is also woven like its natural counterpart so it also has its characteristic attractiveness. Nevertheless, not all of them are made of the same material. There are synthetic wicker furniture that uses a component that poses health and environment hazards. Furniture made from this material, polyvinyl chloride or PVC, may look no different from others, but it is less durable than those made from polyethylene, which may be a safer choice.

A wicker set with aluminum as its frame would be more enduring and keep its original appearance for a longer period of time than one that uses steel. Aluminum rust looks like regular aluminum so you won’t have to worry about unsightly discoloration.

One of the things you must also carefully look into is the tightness of the woven fibers. It should be able to support even the heaviest weight. You must also inspect it thoroughly to make sure there are no damages to the fibers or strands as this may eventually lead to an early deterioration. For synthetic wicker, make sure that the paint is even and properly applied. Though it doesn’t perfectly simulate the color of natural wicker, there are synthetic fibers that are colored with a combination of natural colors and with ridges so that they look more natural. A glossy paint job makes synthetic wicker look like a cheap fake.

With all the hype about wicker shopping, don’t forget to check your budget. Determine your price range before checking out options. A genuine and high-quality wicker set may be a tad bit expensive, but you will enjoy it for many years.

Once you purchase your new wicker set, clean and maintain it well. Regularly dust it or you can also wash it down. Always make sure that it is perfectly dry before using it again. In the case of an outdoors set, spray it with a weather-proofing solution.

Shopping for new furniture is like taking a trip. The journey matters as well as the destination. So enjoy your shopping experience as well as the triumph and relief of finally finding the right set that you can relax in.

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