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What is Shaker Furniture?

Simple in style, yet complete in function. That is what Shaker furniture is all about.

These beautiful wooden pieces of furniture began their life start in the late 1700's. An organization called the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing (Shakers) came to America from England. Their hope was to be able to use this new world to create their own heaven on Earth. The society they created used sturdy pieces of furniture in their homes we know today as Shaker furniture. As they were focused on religion, even their furniture was created with their religious views in mind. While others may have preferred very loud and detailed pieces of furniture, theirs were more meek and refined.

From tables to rocking chairs, their furniture pieces were strong and beautiful that anyone would want in their home. They realized this and began to sell pieces of furniture to the public, as a way to raise money for their group.

Throughout the years this style of furniture has been very appreciated by many aspects of society. Museums keep some of the older pieces in their collections to display the working skills of early American settlers. The modern furniture movement also seems to have taken a look or two at Shaker furniture, with the simple and functional design being their theme as well.

If you're looking for a piece that truly resembles 'Shaker Furniture' you're likely going to end up with the Mount Lebanon rocker. It's a famous piece that is often considered the centerpiece of Shaker furniture design. While getting one of the old chairs from the late 1800's will put you back thousands of dollars, there are craftsmen today who make reproductions for much less. With a reproduction, you can have the look and design of Shaker furniture without an unattainable price tag.

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