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Traditional Rugs Shopping Guide

Traditional Rugs Shopping Guide

Traditional rugs are essential pieces if you are decorating your home the traditional way. Along with the ornately-carved and intricately-designed furniture, traditional rugs help inspire that classically beautiful home you're trying to create.

When we say traditional rugs, there may be different kinds of rugs that come into mind, such as Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, and even French rugs. Whatever rug design you are set on buying, it would be helpful to know a few shopping tips before you actually go shopping. Since you're investing on a traditional rug, it wouldn't do to just pick out the first one that catches your eye or the cheapest one you can find in the market. Read on for some tips on how to make the best choice for this important purchase.

Style: - Choose what style of traditional rug you want to go with. Persian rugs usually have geometric and floral designs as well as nature themes. They are held to be the most valuable traditional rugs and they grow in value over time. You can pass this kind of rug to your children and it will retain its beauty, so long as you maintain it properly. Traditional rugs from China, India, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Tibet are called oriental rugs. They can have dragon, yin and yang, or nature designs. These rugs draw design inspiration from their own rich cultures. They come in varied colors and will definitely enrich your space.

Shopping for a traditional rug would be easier when you know what style you want. When you actually go shopping, you can narrow down your choices considerably by shopping according to the style you prefer.

Price: - You have to acknowledge that traditional rugs are a bit pricier than other kinds of rugs before you sit down and determine how much you're willing to spend. Remember that a traditional rug is a good investment and that it will grow more valuable over time, thus assuring that your money will be well-spent. Check the market first, determine what a traditional rug normally costs in the market. Get a price range, and then determine your budget. It would also help if you check out sales and promos, though authentic traditional rugs are rarely offered on sale because of their value.

Quality: - Since you're already investing in a traditional rug, make sure to get a good quality one. Inspect the rug carefully. Check the number of knots per square inch. The more knots per square inch, the better. Ask salespeople about it if the information is not readily available. If you're shopping online, send the store an e-mail asking about it or call their toll free number.

Buy traditional rugs from stores of good reputation. Check online if there are any complaints about the quality of the rugs a company is offering.

Other Helpful Shopping Tips

• The shape and color of your traditional rug is dependent on the decor and interior design. Check what your room needs before making a decision about shape and color.

• Measure the area where you want to place the traditional rug so that you won’t get a rug that doesn’t fit well.

• Check the product’s care instructions. Make sure you know how to take care of the rug properly.

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