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Tips on Buying a Dining Table

Tips on Buying a Dining Table

Whether you are moving into a new home or just getting rid of an old and worn down dining room table, the purchase you are about to make can completely define or redefine your dining room.

Here are the 5 S's you should look at when choosing your next dining room table:

Size - The dining table you choose should be proportional to the room you are putting it in. If you have a large dining room, you can’t put a little table in that space. The dining table will look too small. Likewise, if you have a small dining room you can't crowd it with a large dining table. For instance, large trestle dining tables will look awkward and could leave your guests feeling claustrophobic at dinner.

Seating - How many people are you going have at a majority of your meals? If your family has regular gatherings, also remember to count the people that will be coming to your home for those meals. Make sure you get a dining room table with enough chairs to hold all the people who will need to be seated for a meal.

Shape - You will find a variety of dining room tables everywhere you look, so you will have to browse through your choices until you find one that matches your personal preference. Traditionally, most dining room tables are rectangular. If you have a family whose meals are as much about conversation as they are eating, you may want to choose a round dining table. These tables are better for creating a social atmosphere. If the number of people at your dining table fluctuates, you may want to get a smaller round table that has leaf inserts so you can make it larger when more people are coming over.

Style - If you already have a decor theme in your home, your dining room table needs to match. You should keep referring to a picture of the room as you are looking for a table and deciding whether or not each table will go with the style that is already in place. Your other option is to redecorate the whole room, and let the dining room table be the piece of furniture that dictates the new decor.

Stability - You want a dining room table that's going to last. Good dining room tables can take a lot of use and abuse. You should buy the best quality dining room table you can afford, so you can enjoy it for long time.


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