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Teen Bedroom Shopping Guide

Teens are tough to shop for. Their styles are unique and constantly changing. They want their bedrooms to reflect their personality but they also want to be like their friends.

You want to invest in furniture that's durable, affordable, long-lasting and something your teen will like. This can be quite the task but there some things to keep in mind to make the process easier on both you and your teen.

Get Your Teen Involved
Teens like to be like their friends. Before you shop, ask your child what they like about their friends' rooms. This will give you an idea of what they're looking for. Your teen may or may not be interested in shopping with their parents, but try and get them as involved as possible. The first thing to keep in mind is whether they're going to like the furniture they've selected a year down the road. Make sure they know that what furniture they've chosen now will be with them for a while.

Keep It Neutral
The majority of teen and children's furniture comes in neutral colors such as black, white and browns. A while panel bed will suite your girls bedroom furniture theme now and when she paints it dark purple later.

Something They Can Grow Into
Because you don't want to be buying another bedroom set every three years, select simple furniture designs your child will be happy with as a pre-teen, teen and young adult. Princesses and trucks are only cool for so long. A lot of bedroom sets are customizable with different handles you can put on or with different changeable elements. This is great in case your child's room needs a little refresher in a few years.

Kids and teens are tough on their stuff. They like to draw and put stickers on their things. Try finding furniture with a surface that can come clean easily such as a smooth lacquered finish. Find pieces that are sturdy when put together to accommodate a growing child and their growing amount of stuff.

Keeping a room clean is an endless battle between child and parent. Find furniture pieces with large and unique storage spaces. Platform beds often come with built in storage. Bookcase headboards are a great choice for those who like to display items and keep them within reach. Under bed storage and trundle units have a lot of space to hide stuff out of sight. They are perfect for girls and boys bedroom furniture decor. Unique armoires, chests and dressers are available for teens and their unique storage needs.

Choosing a Size
It's sometimes hard to determine whether a twin bed or a full bed is right for teen beds. The first thing to consider is the size of the room. If you have a tall teen but a small room, many beds come in a twin XL size which is slightly long than the standard twin bed. Another thing thing to consider is what they'll be taking with them to college or to their first apartment. A twin size bed doesn't necessarily suite that young adult. If they're close to adulthood, it might be worth the full bed investment.

Luckily many teen and kids furniture manufacturers anticipate the needs of the modern family. Your choices are vast when selecting the right bedroom ensemble that both you and your picky teen will enjoy.

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